Luiz H S Gasparotto
Luiz H S Gasparotto
Assistant Professor of Pfysical Chemistry, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
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AFM and STM studies on the surface interaction of [BMP] TFSA and [EMIm] TFSA ionic liquids with Au (111)
R Atkin, SZ El Abedin, R Hayes, LHS Gasparotto, N Borisenko, F Endres
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Do solvation layers of ionic liquids influence electrochemical reactions?
F Endres, O Höfft, N Borisenko, LH Gasparotto, A Prowald, R Al-Salman, ...
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Zein El Abedin, S
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Physicochemical properties and sensing ability of metallophthalocyanines/chitosan nanocomposites
JR Siqueira, LHS Gasparotto, FN Crespilho, AJF Carvalho, V Zucolotto, ...
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In situ STM investigation of the lithium underpotential deposition on Au (111) in the air-and water-stable ionic liquid 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis …
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Spherical neutral gold nanoparticles improve anti-inflammatory response, oxidative stress and fibrosis in alcohol-methamphetamine-induced liver injury in rats
TG de Carvalho, VB Garcia, AA de Araújo, LH da Silva Gasparotto, ...
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Integrating mobile phones into science teaching to help students develop a procedure to evaluate the corrosion rate of iron in simulated seawater
EP Moraes, MR Confessor, LHS Gasparotto
Journal of Chemical Education 92 (10), 1696-1699, 2015
Eco-friendly synthesis of bimetallic AuAg nanoparticles
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Processing of electroactive nanostructured films incorporating carbon nanotubes and phthalocyanines for sensing
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Electrochemical synthesis of macroporous aluminium films and their behavior towards lithium deposition/stripping
LHS Gasparotto, A Prowald, N Borisenko, SZ El Abedin, A Garsuch, ...
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Electrocatalytic performance of environmentally friendly synthesized gold nanoparticles towards the borohydride electro-oxidation reaction
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In situ STM studies of Ga electrodeposition from GaCl3 in the air-and water-stable ionic liquid 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis (trifluoromethylsulfonyl) amide
LHS Gasparotto, N Borisenko, O Höfft, R Al-Salman, W Maus-Friedrichs, ...
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A Garsuch, DM Badine, K Leitner, LHS Gasparotto, N Borisenko, F Endres, ...
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 226 (2), 107-119, 2012
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