Rogerio Deienno
Rogerio Deienno
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Capture of irregular satellites at Jupiter
D Nesvorný, D Vokrouhlický, R Deienno
The Astrophysical Journal 784 (1), 22, 2014
Constraining the giant planets’ initial configuration from their evolution: Implications for the timing of the planetary instability
R Deienno, A Morbidelli, RS Gomes, D Nesvorný
The Astronomical Journal 153 (4), 153, 2017
Is the Grand Tack model compatible with the orbital distribution of main belt asteroids?
R Deienno, RS Gomes, KJ Walsh, A Morbidelli, D Nesvorný
Icarus 272, 114-124, 2016
Planetesimal rings as the cause of the Solar System’s planetary architecture
A Izidoro, R Dasgupta, SN Raymond, R Deienno, B Bitsch, A Isella
Nature Astronomy 6 (3), 357-366, 2022
The inclination of the planetary system relative to the solar equator may be explained by the presence of Planet 9
R Gomes, R Deienno, A Morbidelli
The Astronomical Journal 153 (1), 27, 2016
Excitation of a primordial cold asteroid belt as an outcome of planetary instability
R Deienno, A Izidoro, A Morbidelli, RS Gomes, D Nesvorný, SN Raymond
The Astrophysical Journal 864 (1), 50, 2018
The role of early giant-planet instability in terrestrial planet formation
D Nesvorný, FV Roig, R Deienno
The Astronomical Journal 161 (2), 50, 2021
Orbital perturbations of the Galilean satellites during planetary encounters
R Deienno, D Nesvorný, D Vokrouhlický, T Yokoyama
The Astronomical Journal 148 (2), 25, 2014
Checking the compatibility of the cold Kuiper belt with a planetary instability migration model
R Gomes, D Nesvorný, A Morbidelli, R Deienno, E Nogueira
Icarus 306, 319-327, 2018
Energy dissipation in large collisions—no change in planet formation outcomes
R Deienno, KJ Walsh, KA Kretke, HF Levison
The Astrophysical Journal 876 (2), 103, 2019
Excitation of the orbital inclination of Iapetus during planetary encounters
D Nesvorný, D Vokrouhlický, R Deienno, KJ Walsh
The Astronomical Journal 148 (3), 52, 2014
Born eccentric: Constraints on Jupiter and Saturn’s pre-instability orbits
MS Clement, SN Raymond, NA Kaib, R Deienno, JE Chambers, A Izidoro
Icarus 355, 114122, 2021
Linking planetary embryo formation to planetesimal formation-I. The effect of the planetesimal surface density in the terrestrial planet zone
O Voelkel, R Deienno, K Kretke, H Klahr
Astronomy & Astrophysics 645, A131, 2021
Linking planetary embryo formation to planetesimal formation-II. The effect of pebble accretion in the terrestrial planet zone
O Voelkel, R Deienno, K Kretke, H Klahr
Astronomy & Astrophysics 645, A132, 2021
Effects of the planetary migration on some primordial satellites of the outer planets. I. Uranus' case
R Deienno, T Yokoyama, EC Nogueira, N Callegari, MT Santos
Astronomy & Astrophysics 536 (A57), 16, 2011
The ‘breaking the chains’ migration model for super-Earth formation: the effect of collisional fragmentation
L Esteves, A Izidoro, B Bitsch, SA Jacobson, SN Raymond, R Deienno, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 509 (2), 2856-2868, 2022
Implications for the collisional strength of Jupiter Trojans from the Eurybates family
R Marschall, D Nesvorný, R Deienno, I Wong, HF Levison, WF Bottke
The Astronomical Journal 164 (4), 167, 2022
Efficiency characterization of the V-shape asteroid family detection method
R Deienno, KJ Walsh, M Delbo
Icarus 357, 114218, 2021
Implications of Jupiter inward gas-driven migration for the inner solar system
R Deienno, A Izidoro, A Morbidelli, D Nesvorný, WF Bottke
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 936 (2), L24, 2022
Born extra-eccentric: A broad spectrum of primordial configurations of the gas giants that match their present-day orbits
MS Clement, R Deienno, NA Kaib, A Izidoro, SN Raymond, JE Chambers
Icarus 367, 114556, 2021
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