Aleksey Sheshukov
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Stability analysis of gravity‐driven infiltrating flow
AG Egorov, RZ Dautov, JL Nieber, AY Sheshukov
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Dynamic capillary pressure mechanism for instability in gravity-driven flows; review and extension to very dry conditions
JL Nieber, RZ Dautov, AG Egorov, AY Sheshukov
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Hydrological processes and model representation: Impact of soft data on calibration
JG Arnold, MA Youssef, H Yen, MJ White, AY Sheshukov, AM Sadeghi, ...
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Field-level targeting using SWAT: Mapping output from HRUs to fields and assessing limitations of GIS input data
P Daggupati, KR Douglas-Mankin, AY Sheshukov, PL Barnes, DL Devlin
Transactions of the ASABE 54 (2), 501-514, 2011
Opinion: Endogenizing culture in sustainability science research and policy
MM Caldas, MR Sanderson, M Mather, MD Daniels, JS Bergtold, J Aistrup, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (27), 8157-8159, 2015
Reservoir sedimentation and upstream sediment sources: perspectives and future research needs on streambank and gully erosion
GA Fox, A Sheshukov, R Cruse, RL Kolar, L Guertault, KR Gesch, ...
Environmental management 57 (5), 945, 2016
Evaluating ephemeral gullies with a process-based topographic index model
P Daggupati, AY Sheshukov, KR Douglas-Mankin
Catena 113, 177-186, 2014
The Index of Biological Integrity and the bootstrap: Can random sampling error affect stream impairment decisions?
CL Dolph, AY Sheshukov, CJ Chizinski, B Vondracek, B Wilson
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Seasonal and annual impacts of climate change on watershed response using an ensemble of global climate models
AY Sheshukov, CB Siebenmorgen, KR Douglas-Mankin
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Predicting ephemeral gully location and length using topographic index models
P Daggupati, KR Douglas-Mankin, AY Sheshukov
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High spatial resolution soil data for watershed modeling: 1. Development of a SSURGO-ArcSWAT utility
AY Sheshukov, P Daggupati, KR Douglas-Mankin, MC Lee
Journal of Natural and Environmental Sciences 2 (2), 15-24, 2012
Annual baseflow variations as influenced by climate variability and agricultural land use change in the Missouri River Basin
L Ahiablame, AY Sheshukov, V Rahmani, D Moriasi
Journal of Hydrology 551, 188-202, 2017
ArcMap tool for pre-processing SSURGO soil database for ArcSWAT
A Sheshukov, P Daggupati, MC Lee, K Douglas-Mankin
Proceedings of the 5th International SWAT Conference, Texas Water Resources …, 2009
Paying for sediment: Field-scale conservation practice targeting, funding, and assessment using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool
KR Douglas-Mankin, P Daggupati, AY Sheshukov, PL Barnes
Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 68 (1), 41-51, 2013
One‐dimensional freezing of nonheaving unsaturated soils: Model formulation and similarity solution
AY Sheshukov, JL Nieber
Water Resources Research 47 (11), 2011
Stability analysis of traveling wave solution for gravity-driven flow
AG Egorov, RZ Dautov, JL Nieber, AY Sheshukov
Developments in Water Science 47, 121-128, 2002
Pasture BMP effectiveness using an HRU-based subarea approach in SWAT
AY Sheshukov, KR Douglas-Mankin, S Sinnathamby, P Daggupati
Journal of Environmental Management 166, 276-284, 2016
Non-equilibrium model for gravity-driven fingering in water repellent soils: Formulation and 2D simulations
J Nieber, A Sheshukov, A Egorov, R Dautov
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Impacts of incorporating dominant crop rotation patterns as primary land use change on hydrologic model performance
J Gao, AY Sheshukov, H Yen, JH Kastens, DL Peterson
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 247, 33-42, 2017
High spatial resolution soil data for watershed modeling: 2. Assessing impacts on watershed hydrologic response
AY Sheshukov, P Daggupati, KR Douglas-Mankin
Journal of Natural and Environmental Sciences 2 (2), 32-41, 2012
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