Vyshnavi Vennelakanti
Vyshnavi Vennelakanti
Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Harder, better, faster, stronger: Large-scale QM and QM/MM for predictive modeling in enzymes and proteins
V Vennelakanti, A Nazemi, R Mehmood, AH Steeves, HJ Kulik
Current opinion in structural biology 72, 9-17, 2022
Spectroscopically guided simulations reveal distinct strategies for positioning substrates to achieve selectivity in nonheme Fe (II)/α-ketoglutarate-dependent halogenases
R Mehmood, V Vennelakanti, HJ Kulik
Acs Catalysis 11 (19), 12394-12408, 2021
When are two hydrogen bonds better than one? Accurate first-principles models explain the balance of hydrogen bond donors and acceptors found in proteins
V Vennelakanti, HW Qi, R Mehmood, HJ Kulik
Chemical Science 12 (3), 1147-1162, 2021
Using Computational Chemistry To Reveal Nature’s Blueprints for Single-Site Catalysis of C–H Activation
A Nandy, H Adamji, DW Kastner, V Vennelakanti, A Nazemi, M Liu, ...
ACS Catalysis 12 (15), 9281-9306, 2022
Molecular basis of CS bond cleavage in the glycyl radical enzyme isethionate sulfite-lyase
CD Dawson, SM Irwin, LRF Backman, C Le, JX Wang, V Vennelakanti, ...
Cell Chemical Biology 28 (9), 1333-1346. e7, 2021
The effect of Hartree-Fock exchange on scaling relations and reaction energetics for C–H activation catalysts
V Vennelakanti, A Nandy, HJ Kulik
Topics in Catalysis 65 (1), 296-311, 2022
Non-Native Anionic Ligand Binding and Reactivity in Engineered Variants of the Fe (II)-and α-Ketoglutarate-Dependent Oxygenase, SadA
NH Chan, CA Gomez, V Vennelakanti, Q Du, HJ Kulik, JC Lewis
Inorganic chemistry 61 (36), 14477-14485, 2022
Probing the mechanism of isonitrile formation by a non-heme iron (II)-dependent oxidase/decarboxylase
A Del Rio Flores, DW Kastner, Y Du, M Narayanamoorthy, Y Shen, W Cai, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (13), 5893-5901, 2022
Assessing the performance of approximate density functional theory on 95 experimentally characterized Fe (II) spin crossover complexes
V Vennelakanti, MG Taylor, A Nandy, C Duan, HJ Kulik
The Journal of Chemical Physics 159 (2), 2023
Are Vanadium Intermediates Suitable Mimics in Non-Heme Iron Enzymes? An Electronic Structure Analysis
V Vennelakanti, R Mehmood, HJ Kulik
ACS Catalysis 12 (9), 5489-5501, 2022
Why Nonheme Iron Halogenases Do Not Fluorinate C–H Bonds: A Computational Investigation
V Vennelakanti, GL Li, HJ Kulik
Inorganic Chemistry 62 (48), 19758-19770, 2023
How Do Differences in Electronic Structure Affect the Use of Vanadium Intermediates as Mimics in Nonheme Iron Hydroxylases?
V Vennelakanti, M Jeon, HJ Kulik
Inorganic Chemistry 63 (11), 4997-5011, 2024
Machine Learning Prediction of the Experimental Transition Temperature of Fe (II) Spin-Crossover Complexes
V Vennelakanti, IB Kilic, GG Terrones, C Duan, HJ Kulik
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 128 (1), 204-216, 2023
Manganese-Porphyrin-Catalyzed CH Fluorination: Hydrocarbons, But Not Drugs?
V Vennelakanti, A Sinitskiy
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