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Hyunsang Hwang
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Neuromorphic computing using non-volatile memory
GW Burr, RM Shelby, A Sebastian, S Kim, S Kim, S Sidler, K Virwani, ...
Advances in Physics: X 2 (1), 89-124, 2017
Experimental demonstration and tolerancing of a large-scale neural network (165 000 synapses) using phase-change memory as the synaptic weight element
GW Burr, RM Shelby, S Sidler, C Di Nolfo, J Jang, I Boybat, RS Shenoy, ...
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Organic core-sheath nanowire artificial synapses with femtojoule energy consumption
W Xu, SY Min, H Hwang, TW Lee
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Improved Synaptic Behavior Under Identical Pulses Using AlOx/HfO2 Bilayer RRAM Array for Neuromorphic Systems
J Woo, K Moon, J Song, S Lee, M Kwak, J Park, H Hwang
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Access devices for 3D crosspoint memory
GW Burr, RS Shenoy, K Virwani, P Narayanan, A Padilla, B Kurdi, ...
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Excellent Selector Characteristics of Nanoscalefor High-Density Bipolar ReRAM Applications
M Son, J Lee, J Park, J Shin, G Choi, S Jung, W Lee, S Kim, S Park, ...
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Analog memory and spike-timing-dependent plasticity characteristics of a nanoscale titanium oxide bilayer resistive switching device
K Seo, I Kim, S Jung, M Jo, S Park, J Park, J Shin, KP Biju, J Kong, K Lee, ...
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Neuromorphic hardware system for visual pattern recognition with memristor array and CMOS neuron
M Chu, B Kim, S Park, H Hwang, M Jeon, BH Lee, BG Lee
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Optimization of Conductance Change in Pr1–xCaxMnO3-Based Synaptic Devices for Neuromorphic Systems
JW Jang, S Park, GW Burr, H Hwang, YH Jeong
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Electrical characteristics of ultrathin oxynitride gate dielectric prepared by rapid thermal oxidation of Si in N2O
H Hwang, W Ting, B Maiti, DL Kwong, J Lee
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Three‐dimensional integration of organic resistive memory devices
S Song, B Cho, TW Kim, Y Ji, M Jo, G Wang, M Choe, YH Kahng, ...
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HfZrOx-Based Ferroelectric Synapse Device With 32 Levels of Conductance States for Neuromorphic Applications
S Oh, T Kim, M Kwak, J Song, J Woo, S Jeon, IK Yoo, H Hwang
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Reproducible hysteresis and resistive switching in metal-CuxO-metal heterostructures
R Dong, DS Lee, WF Xiang, SJ Oh, DJ Seong, SH Heo, HJ Choi, ...
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Resistance switching of the nonstoichiometric zirconium oxide for nonvolatile memory applications
D Lee, H Choi, H Sim, D Choi, H Hwang, MJ Lee, SA Seo, IK Yoo
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RRAM-based synapse for neuromorphic system with pattern recognition function
S Park, H Kim, M Choo, J Noh, A Sheri, S Jung, K Seo, J Park, S Kim, ...
2012 international electron devices meeting, 10.2. 1-10.2. 4, 2012
Ferroelectric materials for neuromorphic computing
S Oh, H Hwang, IK Yoo
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Rewritable switching of one diode-one resistor nonvolatile organic memory devices
B Cho, TW Kim, S Song, Y Ji, M Jo, H Hwang, GY Jung, T Lee
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Perspective: A review on memristive hardware for neuromorphic computation
C Sung, H Hwang, IK Yoo
Journal of Applied Physics 124 (15), 2018
TiOx-Based RRAM Synapse With 64-Levels of Conductance and Symmetric Conductance Change by Adopting a Hybrid Pulse Scheme for Neuromorphic …
J Park, M Kwak, K Moon, J Woo, D Lee, H Hwang
IEEE Electron Device Letters 37 (12), 1559-1562, 2016
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