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Effects of strengthening, stretching and functional training on foot function in patients with diabetic neuropathy: results of a randomized controlled trial
CD Sartor, RH Hasue, LP Cacciari, MK Butugan, R Watari, AC Pássaro, ...
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Avaliação das perdas sensório-motoras do pé e tornozelo decorrentes da neuropatia diabética
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Effects of a combined strengthening, stretching and functional training program versus usual-care on gait biomechanics and foot function for diabetic neuropathy: a randomized …
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Classification of the severity of diabetic neuropathy: a new approach taking uncertainties into account using fuzzy logic
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Protocol for evaluating the effects of a foot-ankle therapeutic exercise program on daily activity, foot-ankle functionality, and biomechanics in people with diabetic …
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Implementing a clinical assessment protocol for sensory and skeletal function in diabetic neuropathy patients at a university hospital in Brazil
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Rehabilitation technology for self-care: Customised foot and ankle exercise software for people with diabetes
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Intralimb coordination patterns in absent, mild, and severe stages of diabetic neuropathy: looking beyond kinematic analysis of gait cycle
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Cross-cultural adaptation and measurement properties of the Brazilian Version of the Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument
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Efeitos da intervenção fisioterapêutica nas respostas sensoriais e funcionais de diabéticos neuropatas
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Effect of an educational booklet for prevention and treatment of foot musculoskeletal dysfunctions in people with diabetic neuropathy: the FOotCAre (FOCA) trial II, a study …
EQ Silva, EY Suda, DP Santos, JL Veríssimo, J Ferreira, ...
Trials 21, 1-13, 2020
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