Melina Macouin
Melina Macouin
Géosciences Environnement Toulouse - CNRS - France
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Onset and ending of the late Palaeozoic ice age triggered by tectonically paced rock weathering
Y Goddéris, Y Donnadieu, S Carretier, M Aretz, G Dera, M Macouin, ...
Nature Geoscience 10 (5), 382-386, 2017
A multilayered water column in the Ediacaran Yangtze platform? Insights from carbonate and organic matter paired δ13C
M Ader, M Macouin, RIF Trindade, MH Hadrien, Z Yang, Z Sun, J Besse
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Combined paleomagnetic and isotopic data from the Doushantuo carbonates, South China: implications for the “snowball Earth” hypothesis
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Earth and Planetary Science Letters 224 (3-4), 387-398, 2004
The snowball Earth aftermath: Exploring the limits of continental weathering processes
G Le Hir, Y Donnadieu, Y Goddéris, RT Pierrehumbert, GP Halverson, ...
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Chemostratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic Mirassol d'Oeste cap dolostones (Mato Grosso, Brazil): an alternative model for Marinoan cap dolostone formation
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Palaeolatitude of glacial deposits and palaeogeography of Neoproterozoic ice ages
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The inner core and the geodynamo
S Labrosse, M Macouin
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Long-term evolution of the geomagnetic dipole moment
M Macouin, JP Valet, J Besse
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 147 (2-3), 239-246, 2004
Unusual massive magnetite veins and highly altered Cr-spinels as relics of a Cl-rich acidic hydrothermal event in Neoproterozoic serpentinites (Bou Azzer ophiolite, Anti-Atlas …
F Hodel, M Macouin, A Triantafyllou, J Carlut, J Berger, S Rousse, ...
Precambrian Research 300, 151-167, 2017
Paleogeographic forcing of the strontium isotopic cycle in the Neoproterozoic
Y Goddéris, G Le Hir, M Macouin, Y Donnadieu, L Hubert-Théou, G Dera, ...
Gondwana Research 42, 151-162, 2017
Urban market gardening in Africa: foliar uptake of metal (loid) s and their bioaccessibility in vegetables; implications in terms of health risks
G Uzu, E Schreck, T Xiong, M Macouin, T Lévêque, B Fayomi, C Dumat
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 225, 1-13, 2014
The Moroccan Anti-Atlas ophiolites: Timing and melting processes in an intra-oceanic arc-back-arc environment
F Hodel, A Triantafyllou, J Berger, M Macouin, JM Baele, N Mattielli, ...
Gondwana Research 86, 182-202, 2020
Fossil black smoker yields oxygen isotopic composition of Neoproterozoic seawater
F Hodel, M Macouin, RIF Trindade, A Triantafyllou, J Ganne, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1453, 2018
Hydrothermally-induced changes in mineralogy and magnetic properties of oxidized A-type granites
A Nédélec, R Trindade, A Peschler, C Archanjo, M Macouin, F Poitrasson, ...
Lithos 212, 145-157, 2015
Late Neoproterozoic carbonate productivity in a rifting context: the Adoudou Formation and its associated bimodal volcanism onlapping the western Saghro inlier, Morocco
JJ Álvaro, M Macouin, H Ezzouhairi, A Charif, NA Ayad, ML Ribeiro, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 297 (1), 285-302, 2008
Tillandsia usneoides as biomonitors of trace elements contents in the atmosphere of the mining district of Cartagena-La Unión (Spain): New insights for element transfer and …
E Schreck, J Viers, I Blondet, Y Auda, M Macouin, C Zouiten, R Freydier, ...
Chemosphere 241, 124955, 2020
Deciphering the impact of diagenesis overprint on negative δ13C excursions using rock magnetism: Case study of Ediacaran carbonates, Yangjiaping section, South China
M Macouin, M Ader, MG Moreau, C Poitou, Z Yang, Z Sun
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 351, 281-294, 2012
A Neoproterozoic hyper-extended margin associated with Rodinia's demise and Gondwana's build-up: The Araguaia Belt, central Brazil
F Hodel, RIF Trindade, M Macouin, VT Meira, EL Dantas, MAP Paixão, ...
Gondwana Research 66, 43-62, 2019
Absolute paleointensity at 1.27 Ga from the Mackenzie dyke swarm (Canada)
M Macouin, JP Valet, J Besse, RE Ernst
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 7 (1), 2006
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