Chandra Narayanaswami
Chandra Narayanaswami
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
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Alarm interface for a smart watch
C Narayanaswami, MT Raghunath
US Patent 6,477,117, 2002
System and methods for querying digital image archives using recorded parameters
C Narayanaswami, ES Kirkpatrick
US Patent 6,504,571, 2003
Method and apparatus for integrating wearable devices within a SIP infrastructure
A Acharya, S Berger, C Narayanaswami
US Patent 7,840,681, 2010
Bezel based input mechanism and user interface for a smart watch
C Narayanaswami
US Patent 6,556,222, 2003
Method and system for improving driver safety and situational awareness
NJ Harrington, C Narayanaswami
US Patent 7,692,552, 2010
Password protection using spatial and temporal variation in a high-resolution touch sensitive display
C Narayanaswami
US Patent 6,720,860, 2004
Pervasive symbiotic advertising system and methods therefor
DM Coffman, HS McFaddin, C Narayanaswami, D Soroker
US Patent 8,930,238, 2015
User-generated content
J Krumm, N Davies, C Narayanaswami
IEEE Pervasive Computing 7 (4), 10-11, 2008
Method and apparatus for remote discovery of client and access point settings in a wireless LAN
C Narayanaswami, CM Olsen, MC Rosu
US Patent 7,558,604, 2009
Camera for use with personal digital assistants with high speed communication link
C Narayanaswami
US Patent 6,657,654, 2003
Method and apparatus for a communication device for use by a hearing impaired/mute or deaf person or in silent environments
PT Brunet, AP Ittycheriah, C Narayanaswami, MA Picheny, ...
US Patent 5,995,590, 1999
Image capturing system and method for automatically watermarking recorded parameters for providing digital image verification
C Narayanaswami, ES Kirkpatrick
US Patent 7,084,903, 2006
Multiviewer display system for television monitors
C Narayanaswami
US Patent 6,188,442, 2001
Flexible displays as an input device
C Narayanaswami, M Raqhunath
US Patent App. 11/112,952, 2006
Graphical voice response system and method therefor
C Narayanaswami
US Patent 6,104,790, 2000
Tool and method for mapping and viewing an event
DM Coffman, JP Munson, C Narayanaswami, D Soroker, J Wang
US Patent 8,375,292, 2013
Portable intelligent shopping device
C Narayanaswami, MT Raghunath
US Patent 8,065,235, 2011
Method and system for privacy in public networks
C Narayanaswami, MT Raghunath
US Patent 7,185,204, 2007
System for low power operation of wireless LAN interfaces
CM Olsen, JW Clark, C Narayanaswami, MC Rosu
US Patent 7,752,330, 2010
Dynamic multiplexing of hyperlinks and bookmarks
C Narayanaswami
US Patent 6,182,113, 2001
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