Alexandra Ivo de Medeiros
Alexandra Ivo de Medeiros
UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho"
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Efferocytosis impairs pulmonary macrophage and lung antibacterial function via PGE2/EP2 signaling
AI Medeiros, CH Serezani, SP Lee, M Peters-Golden
Journal of Experimental Medicine 206 (1), 61-68, 2009
Blockade of endogenous leukotrienes exacerbates pulmonary histoplasmosis
AI Medeiros, A Sá-Nunes, EG Soares, CM Peres, CL Silva, LH Faccioli
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MicroRNA 21 is a homeostatic regulator of macrophage polarization and prevents prostaglandin E 2-mediated M2 generation
Z Wang, S Brandt, A Medeiros, S Wang, H Wu, A Dent, CH Serezani
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Leukotrienes play a role in the control of parasite burden in murine strongyloidiasis
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Prevalence of microorganisms in root canals of human deciduous teeth with necrotic pulp and chronic periapical lesions
LC Pazelli, ACDE Freitas, IY Ito, MCM Souza-Gugelmin, AS Medeiros, ...
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Prostaglandin E2 and the suppression of phagocyte innate immune responses in different organs
A Medeiros, C Peres-Buzalaf, FF Verdan, CH Serezani
Mediators of inflammation 2012, 2012
The class A scavenger receptor, macrophage receptor with collagenous structure, is the major phagocytic receptor for Clostridium sordellii expressed by human decidual macrophages
T Thelen, Y Hao, AI Medeiros, JL Curtis, CH Serezani, L Kobzik, LH Harris, ...
The journal of immunology 185 (7), 4328-4335, 2010
Leukotrienes are involved in leukocyte recruitment induced by live Histoplasma capsulatum or by the β‐glucan present in their cell wall
AI Medeiros, CL Silva, A Malheiro, CML Maffei, LH Faccioli
British journal of pharmacology 128 (7), 1529-1537, 1999
Mapping of the structural determinants of artificial and biological membrane damaging activities of a Lys49 phospholipase A2 by scanning alanine mutagenesis
L Chioato, EA Aragão, TL Ferreira, AI de Medeiros, LH Faccioli, RJ Ward
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Circuit resistance training in sedentary women: body composition and serum cytokine levels
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Leukotrienes are potent adjuvant during fungal infection: effects on memory T cells
AI Medeiros, A Sá-Nunes, WM Turato, A Secatto, FG Frantz, CA Sorgi, ...
The Journal of Immunology 181 (12), 8544-8551, 2008
Histoplasma capsulatum cell wall β-glucan induces lipid body formation through CD18, TLR2, and dectin-1 receptors: correlation with leukotriene B4 generation and role in HIV-1 …
CA Sorgi, A Secatto, C Fontanari, WM Turato, C Belangér, AI de Medeiros, ...
The Journal of Immunology 182 (7), 4025-4035, 2009
PTEN directly activates the actin depolymerization factor cofilin-1 during PGE2-mediated inhibition of phagocytosis of fungi
CH Serezani, S Kane, AI Medeiros, AM Cornett, SH Kim, MM Marques, ...
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Lafoensia pacari extract inhibits IL‐5 production in toxocariasis
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Crosstalk between prostaglandin E2 and leukotriene B4 regulates phagocytosis in alveolar macrophages via combinatorial effects on cyclic AMP
SP Lee, CH Serezani, AI Medeiros, MN Ballinger, M Peters-Golden
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Pneumonia treatment by photodynamic therapy with extracorporeal illumination‐an experimental model
MC Geralde, IS Leite, NM Inada, ACG Salina, AI Medeiros, WM Kuebler, ...
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Histoplasma capsulatum Inhibits Apoptosis and Mac‐1 Expression in Leucocytes
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Control of experimental pulmonary tuberculosis depends more on immunostimulatory leukotrienes than on the absence of immunosuppressive prostaglandins
C Peres-Buzalaf, L De Paula, FG Frantz, EM Soares, AI Medeiros, ...
Prostaglandins, leukotrienes and essential fatty acids 85 (2), 75-81, 2011
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