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Anti-inflammatory effects of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) with two different red wavelengths (660nm and 684nm) in carrageenan-induced rat paw edema
R Albertini, AB Villaverde, F Aimbire, MAC Salgado, JM Bjordal, LP Alves, ...
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Comparison of the photodynamic fungicidal efficacy of methylene blue, toluidine blue, malachite green and low-power laser irradiation alone against Candida albicans
RC Souza, JC Junqueira, RD Rossoni, CA Pereira, E Munin, AOC Jorge
Lasers in medical science 25 (3), 385-389, 2010
Photosensitization of different< i> Candida</i> species by low power laser light
SC de Souza, JC Junqueira, I Balducci, CY Koga-Ito, E Munin, AOC Jorge
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Comparative analysis of coherent light action (laser) versus non-coherent light (light-emitting diode) for tissue repair in diabetic rats
MA Dall Agnol, RA Nicolau, CJ de Lima, E Munin
Lasers in medical science 24 (6), 909-916, 2009
Photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy (PACT) with methylene blue increases membrane permeability in Candida albicans
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Study of germ tube formation by Candida albicans after photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy (PACT)
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Dual Effect of low‐level laser therapy (LLLT) on the acute lung inflammation induced by intestinal ischemia and reperfusion: Action on anti‐and pro‐inflammatory cytokines
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Laser performance of Cr< sup> 4+</sup>: Y< inf> 2</inf> SiO< inf> 5</inf>
C Deka, BHT Chai, Y Shimony, XX Zhang, E Munin, M Bass
Applied physics letters 61 (18), 2141-2143, 1992
Photodynamic inactivation of< i> Staphylococcus aureus</i> and< i> Escherichia coli</i> biofilms by malachite green and phenothiazine dyes: An< i> in vitro</i> study
SFG Vilela, JC Junqueira, JO Barbosa, M Majewski, E Munin, AOC Jorge
Archives of Oral Biology, 2011
In vitro assessment of the effectiveness of whitening dentifrices for the removal of extrinsic tooth stains
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In vitro evaluation of the effectiveness of bleaching agents activated by different light sources
DANL Lima, FHB Aguiar, PCS Liporoni, E Munin, GMB Ambrosano, ...
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Low intensity laser therapy (LILT) in vivo acts on the neutrophils recruitment and chemokines/cytokines levels in a model of acute pulmonary inflammation induced by aerosol of …
F Mafra de Lima, AB Villaverde, MA Salgado, HC Castro-Faria-Neto, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 101 (3), 271-278, 2010
Comparative histological analysis of bone healing of standardized bone defects performed with the Er: YAG laser and steel burs
EDA de Mello, RM Pagnoncelli, E Munin, MSA Filho, GPS de Mello, ...
Lasers in medical science 23 (3), 253-260, 2008
Low power laser radiation at 685nm stimulates stem-cell proliferation rate in< i> Dugesia tigrina</i> during regeneration
SC de Souza, E Munin, LP Alves, MAC Salgado, MTT Pacheco
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Magneto-optical rotation of heavy-metal oxide glasses
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Comparative study of the topical application of Aloe vera gel, therapeutic ultrasound and phonophoresis on the tissue repair in collagenase-induced rat tendinitis
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Influence of coffee and red wine on tooth color during and after bleaching
G Côrtes, NP Pini, DANL Lima, PCS Liporoni, E Munin, GMB Ambrosano, ...
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Influence of coffee on reflectance and chemistry of resin composite protected by surface sealant.
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Reduction in body measurements after use of a garment made with synthetic fibers embedded with ceramic nanoparticles
LAL Conrado, E Munin
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Effect of low-level laser therapy in the myonecrosis induced by Bothrops jararacussu snake venom
AM Barbosa, AB Villaverde, LG Sousa, E Munin, CM Fernandez, JC Cogo, ...
Photomedicine and Laser Surgery 27 (4), 591-597, 2009
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