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Fabrication of nanopore array electrodes by focused ion beam milling
YH Lanyon, G De Marzi, YE Watson, AJ Quinn, JP Gleeson, G Redmond, ...
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Probing intrinsic transport properties of single metal nanowires: direct-write contact formation using a focused ion beam
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C Boissiere, JB Brubach, A Mermet, G De Marzi, C Bourgaux, E Prouzet, ...
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Superconductivity-induced transparency in terahertz metamaterials
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Direct observation of Nb3Sn lattice deformation by high-energy x-ray diffraction in internal-tin wires subject to mechanical loads at 4.2 K
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The JT-60SA toroidal field conductor reference sample: Manufacturing and test results
L Muzzi, V Corato, G De Marzi, A Di Zenobio, CF Zignani, L Reccia, ...
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Effect of A-site and B-site substitution on the infrared reflectivity spectra of La1ÀyAyMn1ÀxBxO3 „AÄBa, Sr; BÄCu, Zn, Sc; 0ËyÏ0. 3; 0ÏxÏ0. 1… manganites
G De Marzi, ZV Popovic, A Cantarero, Z Dohcevic-Mitrovic, N Paunovic, ...
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Phys Rev B 68, 064302, 2003
LTS and HTS high current conductor development for DEMO
P Bruzzone, K Sedlak, D Uglietti, N Bykovsky, L Muzzi, G De Marzi, ...
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Test Results of a NbTi Wire for the ITER Poloidal Field Magnets: A Validation of the 2-Pinning Components Model
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G De Marzi, NC Allen, L Chiesa, G Celentano, M Takayasu, G Tomassetti, ...
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 26 (4), 1-7, 2016
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