Halil I. OKUR
Halil I. OKUR
Assistant Professor, Bilkent University & UNAM
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Beyond the Hofmeister series: Ion-specific effects on proteins and their biological functions
HI Okur, J Hladílková, KB Rembert, Y Cho, J Heyda, J Dzubiella, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (9), 1997-2014, 2017
Reversal of the Hofmeister series: specific ion effects on peptides
J Paterova, KB Rembert, J Heyda, Y Kurra, HI Okur, WR Liu, C Hilty, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (27), 8150-8158, 2013
Electrolytes induce long-range orientational order and free energy changes in the H-bond network of bulk water
Y Chen, HI Okur, N Gomopoulos, C Macias-Romero, PS Cremer, ...
Science advances 2 (4), e1501891, 2016
Cations bind only weakly to amides in aqueous solutions
HI Okur, J Kherb, PS Cremer
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (13), 5062-5067, 2013
Optical imaging of surface chemistry and dynamics in confinement
C Macias-Romero, I Nahalka, HI Okur, S Roke
Science 357 (6353), 784-788, 2017
Guanidinium can both Cause and Prevent the Hydrophobic Collapse of Biomacromolecules
J Heyda*, HI Okur*, J Hladílková, KB Rembert, W Hunn, T Yang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017
Weakly hydrated anions bind to polymers but not monomers in aqueous solutions
BA Rogers, HI Okur, C Yan, T Yang, J Heyda, PS Cremer
Nature Chemistry 14 (1), 40-45, 2022
An NH moiety is not required for anion binding to amides in aqueous solution
KB Rembert, HI Okur, C Hilty, PS Cremer
Langmuir 31 (11), 3459-3464, 2015
Molecular mechanism for the interactions of Hofmeister cations with macromolecules in aqueous solution
EE Bruce*, HI Okur*, S Stegmaier, CI Drexler, BA Rogers, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (45), 19094-19100, 2020
The molecular mechanism of nanodroplet stability
E Zdrali, Y Chen, HI Okur, DM Wilkins, S Roke
ACS nano 11 (12), 12111-12120, 2017
Intermolecular headgroup interaction and hydration as driving forces for lipid transmembrane asymmetry
N Smolentsev, C Lütgebaucks, HI Okur, AGF De Beer, S Roke
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (12), 4053-4060, 2016
Three dimensional nano “Langmuir trough” for lipid studies
Y Chen, KC Jena, C Lutgebaucks, HI Okur, S Roke
Nano letters 15 (8), 5558-5563, 2015
Chemistry of lipid membranes from models to living systems: a perspective of hydration, surface potential, curvature, confinement and heterogeneity
HI Okur, OB Tarun, S Roke
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (31), 12168-12181, 2019
The Jones-Ray effect reinterpreted: Surface tension minima of low ionic strength electrolyte solutions are caused by electric field induced water-water correlations
HI Okur, Y Chen, DM Wilkins, S Roke
Chemical Physics Letters 684, 433-442, 2017
Orientational ordering of water in extended hydration shells of cations is ion-specific and is correlated directly with viscosity and hydration free energy
Y Chen, HI Okur, C Liang, S Roke
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (36), 24678-24688, 2017
Effects of end-group termination on salting-out constants for triglycine
J Hladílková, J Heyda, KB Rembert, HI Okur, Y Kurra, WR Liu, C Hilty, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 4 (23), 4069-4073, 2013
Synthesis of Stable Mesostructured Coupled Semiconductor Thin Films: meso-CdS-TiO2 and meso-CdSe-TiO2
HI Okur, Y Turker, O Dag
Langmuir 26 (1), 538-544, 2010
Polyelectrolytes induce water-water correlations that result in dramatic viscosity changes and nuclear quantum effects
J Dedic, HI Okur, S Roke
Science advances 5 (12), eaay1443, 2019
Zwitterionic and charged lipids form remarkably different structures on nanoscale oil droplets in aqueous solution
Y Chen, HI Okur, C Lütgebaucks, S Roke
Langmuir 34 (3), 1042-1050, 2018
Interfacial Structure and Hydration of 3D-Lipid Monolayers in Aqueous Solution
HI Okur, Y Chen, N Smolentsev, E Zdrali, S Roke
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2017
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