Claudiana Lameu
Claudiana Lameu
Department of Biochemistry - Chemistry Institute, University of São Paulo
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Functions of neurotrophins and growth factors in neurogenesis and brain repair
SLB Oliveira, MM Pillat, A Cheffer, C Lameu, TT Schwindt, H Ulrich
Cytometry Part A 83 (1), 76-89, 2013
Argininosuccinate synthetase is a functional target for a snake venom anti-hypertensive peptide: role in arginine and nitric oxide production
JR Guerreiro, C Lameu, EF Oliveira, CF Klitzke, RL Melo, E Linares, ...
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Extracellular nucleotides as novel, underappreciated pro-metastatic factors that stimulate purinergic signaling in human lung cancer cells
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Interactions between the NO-citrulline cycle and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in differentiation of neural stem cells
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Cytometry Part A: The Journal of the International Society for Advancement …, 2010
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Calcium signalling: A common target in neurological disorders and neurogenesis
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PD Negraes, C Lameu, MAF Hayashi, RL Melo, ACM Camargo, H Ulrich
Cytometry Part A 79 (1), 77-83, 2011
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