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Dental adhesion review: aging and stability of the bonded interface
L Breschi, A Mazzoni, A Ruggeri, M Cadenaro, R Di Lenarda, EDS Dorigo
Dental materials 24 (1), 90-101, 2008
Collagen degradation by host-derived enzymes during aging
DH Pashley, FR Tay, CKY Yiu, M Hashimoto, L Breschi, RM Carvalho, ...
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State of the art etch-and-rinse adhesives
DH Pashley, FR Tay, L Breschi, L Tjäderhane, RM Carvalho, M Carrilho, ...
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Limitations in bonding to dentin and experimental strategies to prevent bond degradation
Y Liu, L Tjäderhane, L Breschi, A Mazzoni, N Li, J Mao, DH Pashley, ...
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In vivo Preservation of the Hybrid Layer by Chlorhexidine
MRO Carrilho, S Geraldeli, F Tay, MF De Goes, RM Carvalho, ...
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Optimizing dentin bond durability: control of collagen degradation by matrix metalloproteinases and cysteine cathepsins
L Tjäderhane, FD Nascimento, L Breschi, A Mazzoni, ILS Tersariol, ...
Dental Materials 29 (1), 116-135, 2013
Reactivation of inactivated endogenous proteolytic activities in phosphoric acid-etched dentine by etch-and-rinse adhesives
A Mazzoni, DH Pashley, Y Nishitani, L Breschi, F Mannello, L Tjäderhane, ...
Biomaterials 27 (25), 4470-4476, 2006
Chlorhexidine stabilizes the adhesive interface: a 2-year in vitro study
L Breschi, A Mazzoni, F Nato, M Carrilho, E Visintini, L Tjäderhane, ...
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Strategies to prevent hydrolytic degradation of the hybrid layer—a review
L Tjäderhane, FD Nascimento, L Breschi, A Mazzoni, ILS Tersariol, ...
Dental Materials 29 (10), 999-1011, 2013
Activation of gelatinolytic/collagenolytic activity in dentin by self‐etching adhesives
Y Nishitani, M Yoshiyama, B Wadgaonkar, L Breschi, F Mannello, ...
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Degree of conversion and permeability of dental adhesives
M Cadenaro, F Antoniolli, S Sauro, FR Tay, R Di Lenarda, C Prati, ...
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Role of dentin MMPs in caries progression and bond stability
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Dentin bonding systems: From dentin collagen structure to bond preservation and clinical applications
L Breschi, T Maravic, SR Cunha, A Comba, M Cadenaro, L Tjäderhane, ...
Dental Materials 34 (1), 78-96, 2018
Zymographic analysis and characterization of MMP-2 and-9 forms in human sound dentin
A Mazzoni, F Mannello, FR Tay, GAM Tonti, S Papa, G Mazzotti, ...
Journal of dental research 86 (5), 436-440, 2007
Mechanisms of degradation of the hybrid layer in adhesive dentistry and therapeutic agents to improve bond durability—A literature review
A Frassetto, L Breschi, G Turco, G Marchesi, R Di Lenarda, FR Tay, ...
Dental Materials 32 (2), e41-e53, 2016
Academy of Dental Materials guidance on in vitro testing of dental composite bonding effectiveness to dentin/enamel using micro-tensile bond strength (μTBS) approach
S Armstrong, L Breschi, M Özcan, F Pfefferkorn, M Ferrari, ...
Dental Materials 33 (2), 133-143, 2017
Adhesive performance of a multi-mode adhesive system: 1-year in vitro study
G Marchesi, A Frassetto, A Mazzoni, F Apolonio, M Diolosà, M Cadenaro, ...
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Biomimetic remineralization of dentin
L Niu, W Zhang, DH Pashley, L Breschi, J Mao, J Chen, FR Tay
Dental materials 30 (1), 77-96, 2014
Use of a specific MMP-inhibitor (galardin) for preservation of hybrid layer
L Breschi, P Martin, A Mazzoni, F Nato, M Carrilho, L Tjäderhane, ...
Dental Materials 26 (6), 571-578, 2010
A randomized controlled trial of endodontically treated and restored premolars
M Ferrari, A Vichi, GM Fadda, MC Cagidiaco, FR Tay, L Breschi, ...
Journal of dental research 91 (7_suppl), S72-S78, 2012
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