Manuella Nóbrega Dourado
Manuella Nóbrega Dourado
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Microbial interactions: ecology in a molecular perspective
RM Braga, MN Dourado, WL Araújo
brazilian journal of microbiology 47, 86-98, 2016
Burkholderia sp. SCMS54 reduces cadmium toxicity and promotes growth in tomato
MN Dourado, PF Martins, MC Quecine, FA Piotto, LA Souza, MR Franco, ...
Annals of Applied Biology 163 (3), 494-507, 2013
Effects of the herbicides acetochlor and metolachlor on antioxidant enzymes in soil bacteria
PF Martins, G Carvalho, PL Gratão, MN Dourado, M Pileggi, WL Araújo, ...
Process Biochemistry 46 (5), 1186-1195, 2011
Biotechnological and agronomic potential of endophytic pink-pigmented methylotrophic Methylobacterium spp.
MN Dourado, A Aparecida Camargo Neves, DS Santos, WL Araújo
BioMed Research International 2015, 2015
The diversity of endophytic methylotrophic bacteria in an oil-contaminated and an oil-free mangrove ecosystem and their tolerance to heavy metals
MN Dourado, A Ferreira, WL Araújo, JL Azevedo, PT Lacava
Biotechnology research international 2012, 2012
Diversity of Cultivated Fungi Associated with Conventional and Transgenic Sugarcane and the Interaction between Endophytic Trichoderma virens and the Host Plant
AS Romão-Dumaresq, MN Dourado, LCL Fávaro, R Mendes, A Ferreira, ...
PloS one 11 (7), e0158974, 2016
Methylobacterium-plant interaction genes regulated by plant exudate and quorum sensing molecules
MN Dourado, AC Bogas, AM Pomini, FD Andreote, MC Quecine, ...
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 44 (4), 1331-1339, 2013
Mechanisms of tolerance and high degradation capacity of the herbicide mesotrione by Escherichia coli strain DH5-α
LR Olchanheski, MN Dourado, FL Beltrame, AAF Zielinski, IM Demiate, ...
PloS one 9 (6), e99960, 2014
Differential responses of the antioxidant system of ametryn and clomazone tolerant bacteria
LP Peters, G Carvalho, PF Martins, MN Dourado, MB Vilhena, M Pileggi, ...
PLoS One 9 (11), e112271, 2014
Functional metagenomic selection of ribulose 1, 5‐bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase from uncultivated bacteria
VA Varaljay, S Satagopan, JA North, B Witte, MN Dourado, ...
Environmental microbiology 18 (4), 1187-1199, 2016
Analysis of 16S rRNA and mxaF genes reveling insights into Methylobacterium niche-specific plant association
MN Dourado, FD Andreote, F Dini-Andreote, R Conti, JM Araújo, ...
Genetics and Molecular Biology 35 (1), 142-148, 2012
Antioxidant enzymes activities of Burkholderia spp. strains—oxidative responses to Ni toxicity
MN Dourado, MR Franco, LP Peters, PF Martins, LA Souza, FA Piotto, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (24), 19922-19932, 2015
Burkholderia sp. SCMS54 triggers a global stress defense in tomato enhancing cadmium tolerance
MN Dourado, LA Souza, PF Martins, LP Peters, FA Piotto, RA Azevedo
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 225 (10), 2159, 2014
Leaf senescence in tomato mutants as affected by irradiance and phytohormones
RF Carvalho, CC Monteiro, AC Caetano, MN Dourado, PL Gratão, ...
Biologia plantarum 57 (4), 749-757, 2013
Specific plant induced biofilm formation in Methylobacterium species
PB Rossetto, MN Dourado, MC Quecine, FD Andreote, WL Araújo, ...
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 42 (3), 878-883, 2011
Differential gene expression in Xylella fastidiosa 9a5c during co‐cultivation with the endophytic bacterium Methylobacterium mesophilicum SR1.6/6
MN Dourado, DS Santos, LR Nunes, RLB Costa de Oliveira, ...
Journal of basic Microbiology 55 (12), 1357-1366, 2015
Mangrove endophyte promotes reforestation tree (Acacia polyphylla) growth
RA Castro, MN Dourado, JR Almeida, PT Lacava, A Nave, IS Melo, ...
brazilian journal of microbiology 49 (1), 59-66, 2018
Physiological and biochemical responses of Dolichos lablab L. to cadmium support its potential as a cadmium phytoremediator
LA Souza, FA Piotto, MN Dourado, D Schmidt, MR Franco, LF Boaretto, ...
Journal of soils and sediments 17 (5), 1413-1426, 2017
GST activity and membrane lipid saturation prevents mesotrione-induced cellular damage in Pantoea ananatis
LP Prione, LR Olchanheski, LD Tullio, BCE Santo, PM Reche, PF Martins, ...
AMB Express 6 (1), 1-12, 2016
Genes related to antioxidant metabolism are involved in Methylobacterium mesophilicum-soybean interaction
WL Araujo, DS Santos, F Dini-Andreote, JK Salgueiro-Londono, ...
Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 108 (4), 951-963, 2015
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