David Kealhofer
David Kealhofer
postdoc, ETH Zürich
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A fluid-to-solid jamming transition underlies vertebrate body axis elongation
A Mongera, P Rowghanian, HJ Gustafson, E Shelton, DA Kealhofer, ...
Nature 561 (7723), 401-405, 2018
In vivo quantification of spatially varying mechanical properties in developing tissues
F Serwane, A Mongera, P Rowghanian, DA Kealhofer, AA Lucio, ...
Nature methods 14 (2), 181, 2017
Observation of the Quantum Hall Effect in Confined Films of the Three-Dimensional Dirac Semimetal
T Schumann, L Galletti, DA Kealhofer, H Kim, M Goyal, S Stemmer
Physical review letters 120 (1), 016801, 2018
Negative magnetoresistance due to conductivity fluctuations in films of the topological semimetal
T Schumann, M Goyal, DA Kealhofer, S Stemmer
Physical Review B 95 (24), 241113, 2017
Thickness dependence of the quantum Hall effect in films of the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2
M Goyal, L Galletti, S Salmani-Rezaie, T Schumann, DA Kealhofer, ...
APL Materials 6 (2), 026105, 2018
Two-dimensional Dirac fermions in thin films of
L Galletti, T Schumann, OF Shoron, M Goyal, DA Kealhofer, H Kim, ...
Physical Review B 97 (11), 115132, 2018
Topological Insulator State and Collapse of the Quantum Hall Effect in a Three-Dimensional Dirac Semimetal Heterojunction
DA Kealhofer, L Galletti, T Schumann, A Suslov, S Stemmer
Physical Review X 10 (1), 011050, 2020
Basal-plane growth of cadmium arsenide by molecular beam epitaxy
DA Kealhofer, H Kim, T Schumann, M Goyal, L Galletti, S Stemmer
Physical Review Materials 3 (3), 031201, 2019
Measurement of -state hyperfine structure and - transition isotope shift in Tl and Tl
G Ranjit, D Kealhofer, GD Vukasin, PK Majumder
Physical Review A 89 (1), 012511, 2014
Absence of signatures of Weyl orbits in the thickness dependence of quantum transport in cadmium arsenide
L Galletti, T Schumann, DA Kealhofer, M Goyal, S Stemmer
Physical Review B 99 (20), 201401, 2019
Field-effect transistors with the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal cadmium arsenide
OF Shoron, T Schumann, M Goyal, DA Kealhofer, S Stemmer
Applied Physics Letters 115 (6), 062101, 2019
Prospects of Terahertz Transistors with the Topological Semimetal Cadmium Arsenide
OF Shoron, M Goyal, B Guo, DA Kealhofer, T Schumann, S Stemmer
Advanced Electronic Materials 6 (10), 2000676, 2020
Carrier mobilities of (001) cadmium arsenide films
M Goyal, S Salmani-Rezaie, TN Pardue, B Guo, DA Kealhofer, S Stemmer
APL Materials 8 (5), 051106, 2020
Detecting topological phase transitions in cadmium arsenide films via the transverse magnetoresistance
OF Shoron, DA Kealhofer, M Goyal, T Schumann, AA Burkov, S Stemmer
Applied Physics Letters 119 (17), 171907, 2021
Thickness-independent transport in thin (001)-oriented cadmium arsenide films
DA Kealhofer, M Goyal, TN Pardue, S Stemmer
Physical Review B 104 (3), 035435, 2021
Quantum Hall effect of the topological insulator state of cadmium arsenide in Corbino geometry
L Galletti, A Rashidi, DA Kealhofer, M Goyal, B Guo, Y Li, C Shang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 118 (26), 261901, 2021
Magnetoresistance effects in cadmium arsenide thin films
M Goyal, DA Kealhofer, T Schumann, S Stemmer
Applied Physics Letters 117 (17), 170601, 2020
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