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Optical signatures of coupled quantum dots
EA Stinaff, M Scheibner, AS Bracker, IV Ponomarev, VL Korenev, ...
Science 311 (5761), 636-639, 2006
Optical pumping of the electronic and nuclear spin of single charge-tunable quantum dots
AS Bracker, EA Stinaff, D Gammon, ME Ware, JG Tischler, A Shabaev, ...
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Polarized fine structure in the photoluminescence excitation spectrum of a negatively charged quantum dot
ME Ware, EA Stinaff, D Gammon, MF Doty, AS Bracker, D Gershoni, ...
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S Li, M Ware, J Wu, P Minor, Z Wang, Z Wu, Y Jiang, GJ Salamo
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Binding energies of positive and negative trions: From quantum wells to quantum dots
AS Bracker, EA Stinaff, D Gammon, ME Ware, JG Tischler, D Park, ...
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Electrical spin pumping of quantum dots at room temperature
CH Li, G Kioseoglou, OMJ Van’t Erve, ME Ware, D Gammon, RM Stroud, ...
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JH Lee, ZM Wang, ME Ware, KC Wijesundara, M Garrido, EA Stinaff, ...
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Defect-free self-catalyzed GaAs/GaAsP nanowire quantum dots grown on silicon substrate
J Wu, A Ramsay, A Sanchez, Y Zhang, D Kim, F Brossard, X Hu, ...
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Polarization doping: reservoir effects of the substrate in AlGaN graded layers
S Li, ME Ware, J Wu, VP Kunets, M Hawkridge, P Minor, Z Wang, Z Wu, ...
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Surface effects of vapour-liquid-solid driven Bi surface droplets formed during molecular-beam-epitaxy of GaAsBi
JA Steele, RA Lewis, J Horvat, MJB Nancarrow, M Henini, D Fan, ...
Scientific Reports 6, 28860, 2016
Effects of spatial confinement and layer disorder in photoluminescence of GaAs1− xBix/GaAs heterostructures
YI Mazur, VG Dorogan, M Benamara, ME Ware, M Schmidbauer, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (6), 065306, 2013
Suppression of Dyakonov-Perel spin relaxation in high-mobility n-GaAs
RI Dzhioev, KV Kavokin, VL Korenev, MV Lazarev, NK Poletaev, ...
Physical review letters 93 (21), 216402, 2004
AlGaN/GaN micro-Hall effect devices for simultaneous current and temperature measurements from line currents
TP White, S Shetty, ME Ware, HA Mantooth, GJ Salamo
IEEE Sensors Journal 18 (7), 2944-2951, 2018
InGaAs quantum wire intermediate band solar cell
VP Kunets, CS Furrow, TA Morgan, Y Hirono, ME Ware, VG Dorogan, ...
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Tunneling-barrier controlled excitation transfer in hybrid quantum dot-quantum well nanostructures
YI Mazur, VG Dorogan, E Marega Jr, ZY Zhuchenko, ME Ware, ...
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ME Ware, AS Bracker, E Stinaff, D Gammon, D Gershoni, VL Korenev
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A Highly Linear Temperature Sensor Using GaN-on-SiC Heterojunction Diode for High Power Applications
S Madhusoodhanan, S Sandoval, Y Zhao, ME Ware, Z Chen
IEEE Electron Device Letters 38 (8), 1105-1108, 2017
Electron transport in quantum dot chains: Dimensionality effects and hopping conductance
VP Kunets, M Rebello Sousa Dias, T Rembert, ME Ware, YI Mazur, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (18), 183709, 2013
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