Jorge Piazentin Ono
Jorge Piazentin Ono
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AlphaD3M: Machine learning pipeline synthesis
I Drori, Y Krishnamurthy, R Rampin, R Lourenço, J Ono, K Cho, C Silva, ...
AutoML Workshop at ICML, 2018
PipelineProfiler: A Visual Analytics Tool for the Exploration of AutoML Pipelines
JP Ono, S Castelo, R Lopez, E Bertini, J Freire, C Silva
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Statcast dashboard: Exploration of spatiotemporal baseball data
M Lage, JP Ono, D Cervone, J Chiang, C Dietrich, CT Silva
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Visus: An interactive system for automatic machine learning model building and curation
A Santos, S Castelo, C Felix, JP Ono, B Yu, SR Hong, CT Silva, E Bertini, ...
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SliceTeller: A Data Slice-Driven Approach for Machine Learning Model Validation
X Zhang*, JP Ono*, H Song, L Gou, KL Ma, L Ren
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 29 (1), 842-852, 2022
Concentric radviz: visual exploration of multi-task classification
JHP Ono, F Sikansi, DC Corrêa, FV Paulovich, A Paiva, LG Nonato
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Interactive data visualization in jupyter notebooks
JP Ono, J Freire, CT Silva
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Baseball timeline: Summarizing baseball plays into a static visualization
JP Ono, C Dietrich, CT Silva
Computer Graphics Forum 37 (3), 491-501, 2018
HistoryTracker: Minimizing human interactions in baseball game annotation
J Piazentin Ono, A Gjoka, J Salamon, C Dietrich, CT Silva
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Similarity graph: Visual exploration of song collections
J Ono, D Corrêa, M Ferreira, R Mello, LG Nonato
Disseminating Machine Learning to Domain Experts: Understanding Challenges and Opportunities in Supporting a Model Building Process
R Hong, JHP Ono, J Freire, E Bertini, 2019
Why should we teach machines to read charts made for humans?
JP Ono, RS Hong, CT Silva, J Freire
Using Pipeline Performance Prediction to Accelerate AutoML Systems
H Zhang, R López, A Santos, J Piazentin Ono, A Bessa, J Freire
Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Data Management for End-to-End …, 2023
Visualização de similaridades em bases de dados de música
Universidade de São Paulo, 2015
AlphaD3M: An Open-Source AutoML Library for Multiple ML Tasks
R DE PAULA LOURENCO, R Rampin, S Castelo, A Santos, J Ono, ...
AutoML Conference 2023 (ABCD Track), 2023
Reducing human interactions in game annotation
JP Ono, A Gjoka, JJ Salamon, CA Dietrich, CT Silva
US Patent App. 18/230,509, 2024
Investigating Interaction Modes and User Agency in Human-LLM Collaboration for Domain-Specific Data Analysis
J Guo, V Mohanty, JH Piazentin Ono, H Hao, L Gou, L Ren
Extended Abstracts of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing …, 2024
Slicing, Chatting, and Refining: A Concept-Based Approach for Machine Learning Model Validation with ConceptSlicer
X Zhang, JH Piazentin Ono, W He, L Gou, M Sachan, KL Ma, L Ren
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Intelligent User …, 2024
AttributionScanner: A Visual Analytics System for Metadata-Free Data-Slicing Based Model Validation
X Xuan, JP Ono, L Gou, KL Ma, L Ren
arXiv preprint arXiv:2401.06462, 2024
USE: Universal Segment Embeddings for Open-Vocabulary Image Segmentation
X Wang, W He, X Xuan, C Sebastian, JP Ono, X Li, S Behpour, T Doan, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2024
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