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The stomatopod dactyl club: a formidable damage-tolerant biological hammer
JC Weaver, GW Milliron, A Miserez, K Evans-Lutterodt, S Herrera, ...
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Polythiophene-block-polyfluorene and Polythiophene-block-poly(fluorene-co-benzothiadiazole): Insights into the Self-Assembly of All-Conjugated Block …
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Direct observation of complete Fermi surface, imperfect nesting, and gap anisotropy in the high-temperature incommensurate charge-density-wave compound SmTe 3
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Molecular crowding of collagen: a pathway to produce highly-organized collagenous structures
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E DiMasi, B Foran, MC Aronson, S Lee
Physical Review B 54 (19), 13587, 1996
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