Bernhard Zipfel
Bernhard Zipfel
University Curator of Collections, University of the Witwatersrand
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Homo naledi, a new species of the genus Homo from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa
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Shod versus unshod: The emergence of forefoot pathology in modern humans?
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Earliest hominin cancer: 1.7-million-year-old osteosarcoma from Swartkrans Cave, South Africa
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Manual and manipulative therapy compared to night splint for symptomatic hallux abducto valgus: an exploratory randomised clinical trial
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Hominin first metatarsals (SKX 5017 and SK 1813) from Swartkrans: a morphometric analysis
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The Olduvai Hominid 8 foot: adult or subadult?
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Homo naledi, a new species of the genus Homo from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa. eLife, 4
LR Berger, J Hawks, DJ De Ruiter, SE Churchill, P Schmid, LK Delezene, ...
Posted on elifesciences. org September 10, 2015
New Cenozoic fossil-bearing site abbreviations for collections of the University of the Witwatersrand
B Zipfel, LR Berger
Palaeontologica Africana 44, 77-81, 2009
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