Thorsten Schultz
Thorsten Schultz
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
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Direct determination of monolayer MoS2 and WSe2 exciton binding energies on insulating and metallic substrates
S Park, N Mutz, T Schultz, S Blumstengel, A Han, A Aljarb, LJ Li, ...
2D Materials 5 (2), 025003, 2018
Surface state density determines the energy level alignment at hybrid perovskite/electron acceptors interfaces
F Zu, P Amsalem, M Ralaiarisoa, T Schultz, R Schlesinger, N Koch
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (47), 41546-41552, 2017
Surface Termination Dependent Work Function and Electronic Properties of Ti3C2Tx MXene
T Schultz, NC Frey, K Hantanasirisakul, S Park, SJ May, VB Shenoy, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (17), 6590-6597, 2019
Tuning the work function of GaN with organic molecular acceptors
T Schultz, R Schlesinger, J Niederhausen, F Henneberger, S Sadofev, ...
Physical Review B 93 (12), 125309, 2016
Electronic properties of a 1D intrinsic/p-doped heterojunction in a 2D transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductor
Z Song, T Schultz, Z Ding, B Lei, C Han, P Amsalem, T Lin, D Chi, ...
ACS nano 11 (9), 9128-9135, 2017
Reliable work function determination of multicomponent surfaces and interfaces: the role of electrostatic potentials in ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy
T Schultz, T Lenz, N Kotadiya, G Heimel, G Glasser, R Berger, PWM Blom, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4 (19), 1700324, 2017
Tin-assisted heteroepitaxial PLD-growth of κ-Ga2O3 thin films with high crystalline quality
M Kneiß, A Hassa, D Splith, C Sturm, H Von Wenckstern, T Schultz, ...
APL Materials 7 (2), 022516, 2019
Influence of oxygen deficiency on the rectifying behavior of transparent-semiconducting-oxide–metal interfaces
T Schultz, S Vogt, P Schlupp, H von Wenckstern, N Koch, M Grundmann
Physical Review Applied 9 (6), 064001, 2018
Electronic properties of hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductor pn-junctions
MH Futscher, T Schultz, J Frisch, M Ralaiarisoa, E Metwalli, MV Nardi, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31 (6), 064002, 2018
Growth of Nb-Doped Monolayer WS2 by Liquid-Phase Precursor Mixing
Z Qin, L Loh, J Wang, X Xu, Q Zhang, B Haas, C Alvarez, H Okuno, ...
ACS nano 13 (9), 10768-10775, 2019
Epitaxial κ-(AlxGa1−x)2O3 thin films and heterostructures grown by tin-assisted VCCS-PLD
P Storm, M Kneiß, A Hassa, T Schultz, D Splith, H Von Wenckstern, ...
APL Materials 7 (11), 111110, 2019
Modulation of the Work Function by the Atomic Structure of Strong Organic Electron Acceptors on H‐Si (111)
H Wang, SV Levchenko, T Schultz, N Koch, M Scheffler, M Rossi
Advanced Electronic Materials 5 (5), 1800891, 2019
Impact of surface states and bulk doping level on hybrid inorganic/organic semiconductor interface energy levels
T Schultz, J Niederhausen, R Schlesinger, S Sadofev, N Koch
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (24), 245501, 2018
Demonstration of the key substrate-dependent charge transfer mechanisms between monolayer MoS 2 and molecular dopants
S Park, T Schultz, X Xu, B Wegner, A Aljarb, A Han, LJ Li, VC Tung, ...
Communications Physics 2 (1), 1-8, 2019
Importance of substrate work function homogeneity for reliable ionization energy determination by photoelectron spectroscopy
T Schultz, P Amsalem, NB Kotadiya, T Lenz, PWM Blom, N Koch
physica status solidi (b) 256 (2), 1800299, 2019
Solubility limit and material properties of a κ-(Al x Ga 1− x) 2O3 thin film with a lateral cation gradient on (00.1) Al2O3 by tin-assisted PLD
A Hassa, C Sturm, M Kneiß, D Splith, H Von Wenckstern, T Schultz, ...
APL Materials 8 (2), 021103, 2020
A multifunctional interlayer for solution processed high performance indium oxide transistors
A Kyndiah, A Ablat, S Guyot-Reeb, T Schultz, F Zu, N Koch, P Amsalem, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-7, 2018
Microstructure and Elastic Constants of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers from Friction and Shear Force Microscopy
X Xu, T Schultz, Z Qin, N Severin, B Haas, S Shen, JN Kirchhof, A Opitz, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (39), 1803748, 2018
Band Offsets at κ-([Al,In]xGa1–x)2O3/MgO Interfaces
T Schultz, M Kneiß, P Storm, D Splith, H von Wenckstern, M Grundmann, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (7), 8879-8885, 2020
Excited-State Charge Transfer Enabling MoS2/Phthalocyanine Photodetectors with Extended Spectral Sensitivity
N Mutz, S Park, T Schultz, S Sadofev, S Dalgleish, L Reissig, N Koch, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (5), 2837-2843, 2020
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