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Mercury stable isotopes constrain atmospheric sources to the ocean
M Jiskra, LE Heimbürger-Boavida, MM Desgranges, MV Petrova, ...
Nature 597 (7878), 678-682, 2021
Application of a selective extraction method for methylmercury compound specific stable isotope analysis (MeHg-CSIA) in biological materials
J Masbou, D Point, JE Sonke
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Metal concentration and bioaccessibility in different particle sizes of dust and aerosols to refine metal exposure assessment
S Goix, G Uzu, P Oliva, F Barraza, A Calas, S Castet, D Point, J Masbou, ...
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Natural Hg isotopic composition of different Hg compounds in mammal tissues as a proxy for in vivo breakdown of toxic methylmercury
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Pesticide degradation and export losses at the catchment scale: Insights from compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA)
P Alvarez-Zaldívar, S Payraudeau, F Meite, J Masbou, G Imfeld
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Scaling behavior of the fluctuations in stream flow at the outlet of karstic watersheds, France
D Labat, J Masbou, E Beaulieu, A Mangin
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Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope fractionation during abiotic hydrolysis of pesticides
J Masbou, G Drouin, S Payraudeau, G Imfeld
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A model of mercury distribution in tuna from the western and central Pacific Ocean: influence of physiology, ecology and environmental factors
P Houssard, D Point, L Tremblay-Boyer, V Allain, H Pethybridge, ...
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Are Cu isotopes a useful tool to trace metal sources and processes in acid mine drainage (AMD) context?
J Viers, JA Grande, C Zouiten, R Freydier, J Masbou, T Valente, ...
Chemosphere 193, 1071-1079, 2018
Hg-stable isotope variations in marine top predators of the Western Arctic Ocean
J Masbou, JE Sonke, D Amouroux, G Guillou, PR Becker, D Point
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Hg stable isotope time trend in ringed seals registers decreasing sea ice cover in the Alaskan Arctic
J Masbou, D Point, JE Sonke, F Frappart, V Perrot, D Amouroux, ...
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Do rainfall characteristics affect the export of copper, zinc and synthetic pesticides in surface runoff from headwater catchments?
G Imfeld, F Meite, C Wiegert, B Guyot, J Masbou, S Payraudeau
Science of the total environment 741, 140437, 2020
Direct and indirect photodegradation of atrazine and S-metolachlor in agriculturally impacted surface water and associated C and N isotope fractionation
G Drouin, B Droz, F Leresche, S Payraudeau, J Masbou, G Imfeld
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 23 (11), 1791-1802, 2021
Association of a specific algal group with methylmercury accumulation in periphyton of a tropical high-altitude andean lake
WG Lanza, D Achá, D Point, J Masbou, L Alanoca, D Amouroux, ...
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Strong temporal and spatial variation of dissolved Cu isotope composition in acid mine drainage under contrasted hydrological conditions
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Multi-elemental compound-specific isotope analysis of pesticides for source identification and monitoring of degradation in soil: a review
P Höhener, D Guers, L Malleret, O Boukaroum, F Martin-Laurent, ...
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Plants affect the dissipation and leaching of anilide pesticides in soil mesocosms: Insights from compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA)
P Pérez-Rodríguez, AD Schmitt, S Gangloff, J Masbou, G Imfeld
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 308, 107257, 2021
Do pesticides degrade in surface water receiving runoff from agricultural catchments? Combining passive samplers (POCIS) and compound-specific isotope analysis
T Gilevska, J Masbou, B Baumlin, B Chaumet, C Chaumont, ...
Science of the Total Environment 842, 156735, 2022
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