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Residual metallic contamination of transferred chemical vapor deposited graphene
G Lupina, J Kitzmann, I Costina, M Lukosius, C Wenger, A Wolff, S Vaziri, ...
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Impact of Temperature on the Resistive Switching Behavior of Embedded-Based RRAM Devices
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C Walczyk, C Wenger, R Sohal, M Lukosius, A Fox, J Dąbrowski, ...
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C Wenger, G Lupina, M Lukosius, O Seifarth, HJ Müssig, S Pasko, C Lohe
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Metal-free CVD graphene synthesis on 200 mm Ge/Si (001) substrates
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On the role of Ti adlayers for resistive switching in -based metal-insulator-metal structures: Top versus bottom electrode integration
C Walczyk, C Wenger, D Walczyk, M Lukosius, I Costina, M Fraschke, ...
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O Fursenko, J Bauer, G Lupina, P Dudek, M Lukosius, C Wenger, ...
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Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2009
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M Lukosius, C Walczyk, M Fraschke, D Wolansky, H Richter, C Wenger
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K Frohlich, R Luptak, E Dobrocka, K Husekova, K Cico, A Rosova, ...
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HD Kim, F Crupi, M Lukosius, A Trusch, C Walczyk, C Wenger
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2015
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D Walczyk, T Bertaud, M Sowinska, M Lukosius, MA Schubert, A Fox, ...
2012 International Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble (ISCDG), 143-146, 2012
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