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Origin of fumarolic fluids from Tupungatito Volcano (Central Chile): interplay between magmatic, hydrothermal, and shallow meteoric sources
O Benavente, F Tassi, F Gutiérrez, O Vaselli, F Aguilera, M Reich
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Twisted ferroelectric liquid crystals dynamic behaviour modification under electric field: A Mueller matrix polarimetry approach using birefringence
P Babilotte, V Nunes Henrique Silva, K Sathaye, M Dubreuil, S Rivet, ...
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KS Sathaye, L Dupont
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Structuring of Liquid Crystals for Optical Technologies
K Sathaye
Télécom Bretagne, Université de Bretagne-Sud, 2012
Method for controlling the automatic display of a pictogram representative of the presence of a disruption in front of the vehicle
LI Joel, K Sathaye
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Performance enhancement of low viscosity nematic liquid crystal dichroic dye mixtures by addition of chiral dopants
K Raimondeau, L Dupont, K Sathaye, D Hue, ...
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Development of cholesteric liquid-crystal spectral filters for visible WDM channels over polymer optical fibres
DSV Medeiros, RM Ribeiro, APL Barbero, VNH Silva, K Sathaye, ...
submitted to MOMAG, 2012
Liquid crystal for 3-D active glasses
JLB de La, L Dupont, D Stoenescu, K Sathaye, V Numes-Henrique
Sectorized adaptive screen and driver assistance system comprising such an adaptive screen
D Hue, K Sathaye, J De Bougrenet, E Daniel, L Dupont, S Abbas, ...
US Patent 10,843,536, 2020
Luminous signalling device with LCD
J Petit, K Sathaye, S Neveu
US Patent 10,677,411, 2020
Material for producing an electro-optical shutter device having three transmission states, corresponding device and uses thereof
JLDB De La, L Dupont, K Sathaye, SK Manna
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Absorption-Scattering Based High Pitch Cholesteric Liquid Crystal (HP-CLC): 3D Active Shutter and General Lighting
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Paper No P33: Absorption‐Scattering Based High Pitch Cholesteric Liquid Crystal (HP‐CLC): 3‐D Active Shutter and General Lighting Applications
SK Manna, K Sathaye, S Abbas, S Le‐Gall, L Dupont, ...
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Retardance properties of Twisted Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal
P Babilotte, K Sathaye, VNH Silva
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Angle-Tuned Filters From Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Intended for Visible Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
V Silva, K Sathaye, L Dupont, D Stoenescu, D Medeiros
Angle-Tuned Filters From Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal for Visible Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
VNH Silva, K Sathaye, L Dupont, D Stoenescu, DSV Medeiros, ...
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Liquid-Crystal Filters for Visible WDM Channels over Polymer Optical Fibres
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Réalisation de micro résonateurs intégrés en polymère et de fonctions associées
A Maalouf, M Gadonna, O Castany, K Sathaye, L Dupont, D Bosc
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