Lidon Gil Escrig
Lidon Gil Escrig
University of Valencia - Instituto de Ciencia Molecular
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Recombination in perovskite solar cells: significance of grain boundaries, interface traps, and defect ions
TS Sherkar, C Momblona, L Gil-Escrig, J Ávila, M Sessolo, HJ Bolink, ...
ACS energy letters 2 (5), 1214-1222, 2017
Efficient vacuum deposited pin and nip perovskite solar cells employing doped charge transport layers
C Momblona, L Gil-Escrig, E Bandiello, EM Hutter, M Sessolo, K Lederer, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (11), 3456-3463, 2016
Efficient monolithic perovskite/perovskite tandem solar cells
D Forgács, L Gil‐Escrig, D Pérez‐Del‐Rey, C Momblona, J Werner, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (8), 1602121, 2017
Efficient photovoltaic and electroluminescent perovskite devices
L Gil-Escrig, G Longo, A Pertegás, C Roldán-Carmona, A Soriano, ...
Chemical Communications 51 (3), 569-571, 2015
Efficient methylammonium lead iodide perovskite solar cells with active layers from 300 to 900 nm
C Momblona, O Malinkiewicz, C Roldán-Carmona, A Soriano, L Gil-Escrig, ...
Apl Materials 2 (8), 081504, 2014
Mixed iodide–bromide methylammonium lead perovskite-based diodes for light emission and photovoltaics
L Gil-Escrig, A Miquel-Sempere, M Sessolo, HJ Bolink
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (18), 3743-3748, 2015
Improving perovskite solar cells: insights from a validated device model
TS Sherkar, C Momblona, L Gil‐Escrig, HJ Bolink, LJA Koster
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (13), 1602432, 2017
Removing leakage and surface recombination in planar perovskite solar cells
K Tvingstedt, L Gil-Escrig, C Momblona, P Rieder, D Kiermasch, ...
ACS Energy Letters 2 (2), 424-430, 2017
Quantification of spatial inhomogeneity in perovskite solar cells by hyperspectral luminescence imaging
G El-Hajje, C Momblona, L Gil-Escrig, J Ávila, T Guillemot, JF Guillemoles, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (7), 2286-2294, 2016
Perovskite solar cells prepared by flash evaporation
G Longo, L Gil-Escrig, MJ Degen, M Sessolo, HJ Bolink
Chemical Communications 51 (34), 7376-7378, 2015
Vacuum deposited triple‐cation mixed‐halide perovskite solar cells
L Gil‐Escrig, C Momblona, MG La‐Placa, PP Boix, M Sessolo, HJ Bolink
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (14), 1703506, 2018
Exceptionally long-lived light-emitting electrochemical cells: Multiple intra-cation π-stacking interactions in [Ir (C^ N) 2 (N^ N)][PF 6] emitters
AM Bünzli, EC Constable, CE Housecroft, A Prescimone, JA Zampese, ...
Chemical science 6 (5), 2843-2852, 2015
Fluorine-free blue-green emitters for light-emitting electrochemical cells
S Evariste, M Sandroni, TW Rees, C Roldán-Carmona, L Gil-Escrig, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (29), 5793-5804, 2014
Vacuum deposited perovskite solar cells employing dopant-free triazatruxene as the hole transport material
L Calió, C Momblona, L Gil-Escrig, S Kazim, M Sessolo, Á Sastre-Santos, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 163, 237-241, 2017
Conformal monolayer contacts with lossless interfaces for perovskite single junction and monolithic tandem solar cells
A Al-Ashouri, A Magomedov, M Roß, M Jošt, M Talaikis, G Chistiakova, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 12 (11), 3356-3369, 2019
Photovoltaic devices employing vacuum-deposited perovskite layers
M Sessolo, C Momblona, L Gil-Escrig, HJ Bolink
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Fullerene imposed high open-circuit voltage in efficient perovskite based solar cells
L Gil-Escrig, C Momblona, M Sessolo, HJ Bolink
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (10), 3667-3672, 2016
Fully vacuum-processed wide band gap mixed-halide perovskite solar cells
G Longo, C Momblona, MG La-Placa, L Gil-Escrig, M Sessolo, HJ Bolink
ACS Energy Letters 3 (1), 214-219, 2017
Exceptionally Long-Lived Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells: Multiple Intra-Cation π-Stacking Interactions in [Ir (ĈN) 2 (N̂N)][PF6] Emitters
AM Bunzli, EC Constable, CE Housecroft, A Prescimone, JA Zampese, ...
Chem. Sci 6 (5), 2843-2852, 2015
Voltage‐Dependent Bulk Resistivity of SrTiO3:Mg Ceramics
L Gil Escrig, M Prades, H Beltrán, E Cordoncillo, N Masó, AR West
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 97 (9), 2815-2824, 2014
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