Georg Rohringer
Georg Rohringer
Emmy Noether Junior Research group leader at the University of Hamburg
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Diagrammatic routes to nonlocal correlations beyond dynamical mean field theory
G Rohringer, H Hafermann, A Toschi, AA Katanin, AE Antipov, ...
Reviews of Modern Physics 90 (2), 025003, 2018
Local electronic correlation at the two-particle level
G Rohringer, A Valli, A Toschi
Physical Review B 86 (12), 125114, 2012
Fate of the false Mott-Hubbard transition in two dimensions
T Schäfer, F Geles, D Rost, G Rohringer, E Arrigoni, K Held, N Blümer, ...
Physical Review B 91 (12), 125109, 2015
From infinite to two dimensions through the functional renormalization group
C Taranto, S Andergassen, J Bauer, K Held, A Katanin, W Metzner, ...
Physical review letters 112 (19), 196402, 2014
Divergent precursors of the Mott-Hubbard transition at the two-particle level
T Schäfer, G Rohringer, O Gunnarsson, S Ciuchi, G Sangiovanni, ...
Physical Review Letters 110 (24), 246405, 2013
Fluctuation diagnostics of the electron self-energy: Origin of the pseudogap physics
O Gunnarsson, T Schäfer, JPF LeBlanc, E Gull, J Merino, G Sangiovanni, ...
Physical review letters 114 (23), 236402, 2015
Critical properties of the half-filled hubbard model in three dimensions
G Rohringer, A Toschi, A Katanin, K Held
Physical review letters 107 (25), 256402, 2011
One-particle irreducible functional approach: A route to diagrammatic extensions of the dynamical mean-field theory
G Rohringer, A Toschi, H Hafermann, K Held, VI Anisimov, AA Katanin
Physical Review B 88 (11), 115112, 2013
High-frequency asymptotics of the vertex function: diagrammatic parametrization and algorithmic implementation
N Wentzell, G Li, A Tagliavini, C Taranto, G Rohringer, K Held, A Toschi, ...
Physical Review B 102 (8), 085106, 2020
Breakdown of traditional many-body theories for correlated electrons
O Gunnarsson, G Rohringer, T Schäfer, G Sangiovanni, A Toschi
Physical Review Letters 119 (5), 056402, 2017
Dynamical vertex approximation in its parquet implementation: Application to Hubbard nanorings
A Valli, T Schäfer, P Thunström, G Rohringer, S Andergassen, ...
Physical Review B 91 (11), 115115, 2015
Impact of nonlocal correlations over different energy scales: A dynamical vertex approximation study
G Rohringer, A Toschi
Physical Review B 94 (12), 125144, 2016
Nonperturbative landscape of the Mott-Hubbard transition: Multiple divergence lines around the critical endpoint
T Schäfer, S Ciuchi, M Wallerberger, P Thunström, O Gunnarsson, ...
Physical Review B 94 (23), 235108, 2016
Parquet decomposition calculations of the electronic self-energy
O Gunnarsson, T Schäfer, JPF LeBlanc, J Merino, G Sangiovanni, ...
Physical Review B 93 (24), 245102, 2016
New routes towards a theoretical treatment of nonlocal electronic correlations
G Rohringer
Technische Universität Wien, 2013
Analytical investigation of singularities in two-particle irreducible vertex functions of the Hubbard atom
P Thunström, O Gunnarsson, S Ciuchi, G Rohringer
Physical Review B 98 (23), 235107, 2018
Nonlocal correlations and spectral properties of the Falicov-Kimball model
T Ribic, G Rohringer, K Held
Physical Review B 93 (19), 195105, 2016
Ab initio calculations with the dynamical vertex approximation
A Toschi, G Rohringer, AA Katanin, K Held
Annalen der Physik 523 (8‐9), 698-705, 2011
Dual parquet scheme for the two-dimensional Hubbard model: Modeling low-energy physics of high- cuprates with high momentum resolution
GV Astretsov, G Rohringer, AN Rubtsov
Physical Review B 101 (7), 075109, 2020
Efficient Bethe-Salpeter equation treatment in dynamical mean-field theory
A Tagliavini, S Hummel, N Wentzell, S Andergassen, A Toschi, ...
Physical Review B 97 (23), 235140, 2018
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