Gerd Bruno Rocha
Gerd Bruno Rocha
Professor and Researcher at Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Paraiba - UFPB
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Rm1: A reparameterization of am1 for h, c, n, o, p, s, f, cl, br, and i
GB Rocha, RO Freire, AM Simas, JJP Stewart
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GPU linear algebra libraries and GPGPU programming for accelerating MOPAC semiempirical quantum chemistry calculations
JDC Maia, GA Urquiza Carvalho, CP Mangueira Jr, SR Santana, ...
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MCR Melo, RC Bernardi, T Rudack, M Scheurer, C Riplinger, JC Phillips, ...
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Repurposing approved drugs as inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 S-protein from molecular modeling and virtual screening
OV de Oliveira, GB Rocha, AS Paluch, LT Costa
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GB Rocha, RO Freire, NB da Costa, GF De Sá, AM Simas
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FRG e Silva, JFS Menezes, GB Rocha, S Alves, HF Brito, RL Longo, ...
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RQ Albuquerque, GB Rocha, OL Malta, P Porcher
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Efficient synthesis of 16 aromatic Morita–Baylis–Hillman adducts: Biological evaluation on Leishmania amazonensis and Leishmania chagasi
CGL Junior, PAC de Assis, FPL Silva, SCO Sousa, NG de Andrade, ...
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RO Freire, NB da Costa, GB Rocha, AM Simas
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Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Novel Europium(III) Heterocyclic β‐Diketone Complexes with Lewis Bases: Structural Analysis Using the Sparkle/AM1 …
R Pavithran, MLP Reddy, SA Junior, RO Freire, GB Rocha, PP Lima
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Efficacy of the semiempirical sparkle model as compared to ECP ab-initio calculations for the prediction of ligand field parameters of europium (III) complexes
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RM1 Model for the Prediction of Geometries of Complexes of the Trications of Eu, Gd, and Tb
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Synthesis and conformational study of a new class of highly bioactive compounds
E Ventura, SA do Monte, BG Oliveira, CGL Junior, GB Rocha, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 449 (4-6), 336-340, 2007
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