O. Arnache
O. Arnache
Profesor titular Instituto de Física / Universidad de Antioquia - Medellin-Colombia
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Mercury removal in wastewater by iron oxide nanoparticles
E Vélez, GE Campillo, G Morales, C Hincapié, J Osorio, O Arnache, ...
Journal of physics: conference series 687 (1), 012050, 2016
Silver Nanoparticles Obtained by Aqueous or Ethanolic Aloe vera Extracts: An Assessment of the Antibacterial Activity and Mercury Removal Capability
E Vélez, G Campillo, G Morales, C Hincapié, J Osorio, O Arnache
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Influence of Surface Treatment on Magnetic Properties of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized by Electrochemical Method
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T Marín, P Montoya, O Arnache, R Pinal, J Calderón
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A novel LaFeO3− XNX oxynitride. Synthesis and characterization
GS Gallego, NM Alzate, O Arnache
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Experimental exploration of dynamic phase transitions and associated metamagnetic fluctuations for materials with different Curie temperatures
JM Marín Ramírez, E Oblak, P Riego, G Campillo, J Osorio, O Arnache, ...
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Evidence of the spin Seebeck effect in Ni-Zn ferrites polycrystalline slabs
JD Arboleda, O Arnache, MH Aguirre, R Ramos, A Anadón, MR Ibarra
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Insight into magnetic properties in zinc ferrite thin films by tuning oxygen content
JG Monsalve, C Ostos, E Ramos, JG Ramírez, O Arnache
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Structural properties of iron phases formed on low alloy steels immersed in sodium chloride-rich solutions
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JD Arboleda, O Arnache Olmos, MH Aguirre, R Ramos, A Anadon, ...
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A new contribution to the study of the electrosynthesis of magnetic nanoparticles: the influence of the supporting electrolyte
T Marín, D Ortega, P Montoya, O Arnache, J Calderón
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Structural and impedance analysis of Co-doped SrTiO3 perovskite
E Echeverri, O Arnache
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Electrical and structural properties of Ce0. 9CoFe3Sb12 thermoelectric thin films
O Arnache, D Girata, F Perez, LF Castro, P Prieto, W Lopera
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Bioactive films of zein/magnetite magnetically stimuli-responsive for controlled drug release
T Marín, P Montoya, O Arnache, R Pinal, J Calderón
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Multiferroic properties of the Y2BiFe5O12 garnet
A Durán, C Ostos, O Arnache, JM Siqueiros, M García-Guaderrama
Journal of Applied Physics 122 (13), 2017
Fe-doping and strain effects on structural and magnetotransport properties in thin films
O Arnache, D Giratá, A Hoffmann
Physical Review B 77 (21), 214430, 2008
Role of iron in the ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic boundary of La0. 5Ca0. 5Mn1-xFexO3+ δ (0≤ x≤ 0.5) manganites
HA Martínez-Rodríguez, JF Jurado, J Restrepo, O Arnache, ...
Ceramics International 42 (11), 12606-12612, 2016
Structure and Physical Properties of the LaBiFe2O6 Perovskite Produced by the Modified Pechini Method
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Elucidation of the mechanism of electrochemical formation of magnetite nanoparticles by in situ raman spectroscopy
P Montoya, T Marin, S Mejia, O Arnache, JA Calderon
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164 (14), D1056, 2017
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