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Droplet barcoding for single-cell transcriptomics applied to embryonic stem cells
AM Klein, L Mazutis, I Akartuna, N Tallapragada, A Veres, V Li, L Peshkin, ...
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JN Thon, L Mazutis, S Wu, JL Sylman, A Ehrlicher, KR Machlus, Q Feng, ...
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MAGIC: A diffusion-based imputation method reveals gene-gene interactions in single-cell RNA-sequencing data
D van Dijk, J Nainys, R Sharma, P Kaithail, AJ Carr, KR Moon, L Mazutis, ...
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Microtubule sliding drives proplatelet elongation and is dependent on cytoplasmic dynein
M Bender, JN Thon, AJ Ehrlicher, S Wu, L Mazutis, E Deschmann, ...
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M Setty, V Kiseliovas, J Levine, A Gayoso, L Mazutis, D Pe’er
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CC Brown, H Gudjonson, Y Pritykin, D Deep, VP Lavallée, A Mendoza, ...
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O Wagner, J Thiele, M Weinhart, L Mazutis, DA Weitz, WTS Huck, R Haag
Lab on a Chip 16 (1), 65-69, 2016
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