Chunmei Ban
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Nanostructured Fe3O4/SWNT Electrode: Binder‐Free and High‐Rate Li‐Ion Anode
C Ban, Z Wu, DT Gillaspie, L Chen, Y Yan, JL Blackburn, AC Dillon
Advanced Materials 22 (20), E145-E149, 2010
Unexpected Improved Performance of ALD Coated LiCoO2/Graphite Li‐Ion Batteries
YS Jung, P Lu, AS Cavanagh, C Ban, GH Kim, SH Lee, SM George, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 3 (2), 213-219, 2013
Electrospun nano-vanadium pentoxide cathode
C Ban, NA Chernova, MS Whittingham
Electrochemistry Communications 11 (3), 522-525, 2009
Phase evolution for conversion reaction electrodes in lithium-ion batteries
F Lin, D Nordlund, TC Weng, Y Zhu, C Ban, RM Richards, HL Xin
Nature Communications 5 (1), 1-9, 2014
Reversible High‐Capacity Si Nanocomposite Anodes for Lithium‐ion Batteries Enabled by Molecular Layer Deposition
DM Piper, JJ Travis, M Young, SB Son, SC Kim, KH Oh, SM George, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (10), 1596-1601, 2014
Effect of Al2O3 Coating on Stabilizing LiNi0.4Mn0.4Co0.2O2 Cathodes
AM Wise, C Ban, JN Weker, S Misra, AS Cavanagh, Z Wu, Z Li, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (17), 6146-6154, 2015
In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Probing of Native Oxide and Artificial Layers on Silicon Nanoparticles for Lithium Ion Batteries
Y He, DM Piper, M Gu, JJ Travis, SM George, SH Lee, A Genc, L Pullan, ...
Acs Nano 8 (11), 11816-11823, 2014
Conformal Coatings of Cyclized‐PAN for Mechanically Resilient Si nano‐Composite Anodes
DM Piper, TA Yersak, SB Son, SC Kim, CS Kang, KH Oh, C Ban, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 3 (6), 697-702, 2013
Surface-coating regulated lithiation kinetics and degradation in silicon nanowires for lithium ion battery
L Luo, H Yang, P Yan, JJ Travis, Y Lee, N Liu, D Molina Piper, SH Lee, ...
Acs Nano 9 (5), 5559-5566, 2015
Atomic layer deposition of amorphous TiO2 on graphene as an anode for Li-ion batteries
C Ban, M Xie, X Sun, JJ Travis, G Wang, H Sun, AC Dillon, J Lian, ...
Nanotechnology 24 (42), 424002, 2013
Extremely Durable High‐Rate Capability of a LiNi0.4Mn0.4Co0.2O2 Cathode Enabled with Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes
C Ban, Z Li, Z Wu, MJ Kirkham, L Chen, YS Jung, EA Payzant, Y Yan, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 1 (1), 58-62, 2011
Effect of interface modifications on voltage fade in 0.5 Li2MnO3· 0.5 LiNi0. 375Mn0. 375Co0. 25O2 cathode materials
I Bloom, L Trahey, A Abouimrane, I Belharouak, X Zhang, Q Wu, W Lu, ...
Journal of Power Sources 249, 509-514, 2014
An artificial interphase enables reversible magnesium chemistry in carbonate electrolytes
SB Son, T Gao, SP Harvey, KX Steirer, A Stokes, A Norman, C Wang, ...
Nature chemistry 10 (5), 532-539, 2018
A Novel Codoping Approach for Enhancing the Performance of LiFePO4 Cathodes
C Ban, WJ Yin, H Tang, SH Wei, Y Yan, AC Dillon
Advanced Energy Materials 2 (8), 1028-1032, 2012
Direct synthesis of thermochromic VO2 through hydrothermal reaction
D Alie, L Gedvilas, Z Wang, R Tenent, C Engtrakul, Y Yan, SE Shaheen, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 212, 237-241, 2014
Nanoscale single-crystal vanadium oxides with layered structure by electrospinning and hydrothermal methods
C Ban, MS Whittingham
Solid State Ionics 179 (27-32), 1721-1724, 2008
Lithiation of silica through partial reduction
C Ban, BB Kappes, Q Xu, C Engtrakul, CV Ciobanu, AC Dillon, Y Zhao
Applied Physics Letters 100 (24), 243905, 2012
Molecular Layer Deposition for Surface Modification of Lithium‐Ion Battery Electrodes
C Ban, SM George
Advanced Materials Interfaces 3 (21), 1600762, 2016
First-principles study of lithium borocarbide as a cathode material for rechargeable Li ion batteries
Q Xu, C Ban, AC Dillon, SH Wei, Y Zhao
The journal of physical chemistry letters 2 (10), 1129-1132, 2011
Towards understanding the rate capability of layered transition metal oxides LiNiyMnyCo1− 2yO2
Z Li, C Ban, NA Chernova, Z Wu, S Upreti, A Dillon, MS Whittingham
Journal of Power Sources 268, 106-112, 2014
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