Sandhya P. Koushika
Sandhya P. Koushika
DBS-TIFR, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
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Loss of the putative RNA-directed RNA polymerase RRF-3 makes C. elegans hypersensitive to RNAi
F Simmer, M Tijsterman, S Parrish, SP Koushika, ML Nonet, A Fire, ...
Current biology 12 (15), 1317-1319, 2002
A post-docking role for active zone protein Rim
SP Koushika, JE Richmond, G Hadwiger, RM Weimer, EM Jorgensen, ...
Nature neuroscience 4 (10), 997-1005, 2001
An autonomous DNA nanomachine maps spatiotemporal pH changes in a multicellular living organism
S Surana, JM Bhat, SP Koushika, Y Krishnan
Nature communications 2 (1), 1-7, 2011
A synthetic icosahedral DNA-based host–cargo complex for functional in vivo imaging
D Bhatia, S Surana, S Chakraborty, SP Koushika, Y Krishnan
Nature communications 2 (1), 1-8, 2011
ELAV, a Drosophila neuron-specific protein, mediates the generation of an alternatively spliced neural protein isoform
SP Koushika, MJ Lisbin, K White
Current Biology 6 (12), 1634-1641, 1996
UNC-33 (CRMP) and ankyrin organize microtubules and localize kinesin to polarize axon-dendrite sorting
TA Maniar, M Kaplan, GJ Wang, K Shen, L Wei, JE Shaw, SP Koushika, ...
Nature neuroscience 15 (1), 48-56, 2012
Inhibition of tau aggregation in a novel Caenorhabditis elegans model of tauopathy mitigates proteotoxicity
C Fatouros, GJ Pir, J Biernat, SP Koushika, E Mandelkow, EM Mandelkow, ...
Human molecular genetics 21 (16), 3587-3603, 2012
Neurodegeneration and microtubule dynamics: death by a thousand cuts
J Dubey, N Ratnakaran, SP Koushika
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 9, 343, 2015
Mutations in Caenorhabditis elegans cytoplasmic dynein components reveal specificity of neuronal retrograde cargo
SP Koushika, AM Schaefer, R Vincent, JH Willis, B Bowerman, ML Nonet
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Imaging in vivo Neuronal Transport in Genetic Model Organisms Using Microfluidic Devices
S Mondal, S Ahlawat, K Rau, V Venkataraman, SP Koushika
Traffic 12 (4), 372-385, 2011
The Caenorhabditis elegans JIP3 protein UNC-16 functions as an adaptor to link kinesin-1 with cytoplasmic dynein
M Arimoto, SP Koushika, BC Choudhary, C Li, K Matsumoto, N Hisamoto
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (6), 2216-2224, 2011
The Neuron-Enriched Splicing Pattern ofDrosophila erect wing Is Dependent on the Presence of ELAV Protein
SP Koushika, M Soller, K White
Molecular and Cellular Biology 20 (5), 1836-1845, 2000
“JIP” ing along the axon: the complex roles of JIPs in axonal transport
SP Koushika
Bioessays 30 (1), 10-14, 2008
The Caenorhabditis elegans Kinesin-3 motor UNC-104/KIF1A is degraded upon loss of specific binding to cargo
J Kumar, BC Choudhary, R Metpally, Q Zheng, ML Nonet, S Ramanathan, ...
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To the cloud! A grassroots proposal to accelerate brain science discovery
JT Vogelstein, B Mensh, M Häusser, N Spruston, AC Evans, K Kording, ...
Neuron 92 (3), 622-627, 2016
Sorting and transport in C. elegans: a model system with a sequenced genome
SP Koushika, ML Nonet
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Simple microfluidic devices for in vivo imaging of C. elegans, Drosophila and zebrafish
S Mondal, S Ahlawat, SP Koushika
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The vesicle protein SAM-4 regulates the processivity of synaptic vesicle transport
Q Zheng, S Ahlawat, A Schaefer, T Mahoney, SP Koushika, ML Nonet
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Distinct DNA binding sites contribute to the TCF transcriptional switch in C. elegans and Drosophila
C Bhambhani, AJ Ravindranath, RA Mentink, MV Chang, MC Betist, ...
PLoS Genet 10 (2), e1004133, 2014
Differential and inefficient splicing of a broadly expressed Drosophila erect wing transcript results in tissue-specific enrichment of the vital EWG protein isoform
SP Koushika, M Soller, SM DeSimone, DM Daub, K White
Molecular and cellular biology 19 (6), 3998-4007, 1999
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