Thomas Hannappel
Thomas Hannappel
Professor for Physics
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Wafer bonded four‐junction GaInP/GaAs//GaInAsP/GaInAs concentrator solar cells with 44.7% efficiency
F Dimroth, M Grave, P Beutel, U Fiedeler, C Karcher, TND Tibbits, E Oliva, ...
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 22 (3), 277-282, 2014
Measurement of ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer from chemically anchored Ru-dye molecules into empty electronic states in a colloidal anatase TiO2 film
T Hannappel, B Burfeindt, W Storck, F Willig
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 101 (35), 6799-6802, 1997
Measurement of temperature-independent femtosecond interfacial electron transfer from an anchored molecular electron donor to a semiconductor as acceptor
B Burfeindt, T Hannappel, W Storck, F Willig
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 100 (41), 16463-16465, 1996
Enhancement of the zero phonon line emission from a single nitrogen vacancy center in a nanodiamond via coupling to a photonic crystal cavity
J Wolters, AW Schell, G Kewes, N Nüsse, M Schoengen, H Döscher, ...
Applied Physics Letters 97 (14), 141108, 2010
Efficient direct solar-to-hydrogen conversion by in situ interface transformation of a tandem structure
MM May, HJ Lewerenz, D Lackner, F Dimroth, T Hannappel
Nature Communications 6 (1), 1-7, 2015
Monolithic photoelectrochemical device for direct water splitting with 19% efficiency
WH Cheng, MH Richter, MM May, J Ohlmann, D Lackner, F Dimroth, ...
ACS Energy Letters 3 (8), 1795-1800, 2018
Understanding reflectance anisotropy: Surface-state signatures and bulk-related features in the optical spectrum of InP(001) (2×4)
WG Schmidt, AM Esser, Norbert, Frisch, P Vogt, J Bernholc, F Bechstedt, ...
Physical Review B 61, R16335, 2000
Photoelectrochemical water splitting: materials, processes and architectures
B Parkinson, J Turner, L Peter, N Lewis, K Sivula, K Domen, AJ Bard, ...
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013
Comparison of direct growth and wafer bonding for the fabrication of GaInP/GaAs dual-junction solar cells on silicon
F Dimroth, T Roesener, S Essig, C Weuffen, A Wekkeli, E Oliva, G Siefer, ...
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 4 (2), 620-625, 2014
Apparatus for investigating metalorganic chemical vapor deposition-grown semiconductors with ultrahigh-vacuum based techniques
T Hannappel, S Visbeck, L Töben, F Willig
Review of Scientific Instruments 75 (5), 1297-1304, 2004
Photoelectrocatalysis: principles, nanoemitter applications and routes to bio-inspired systems
HJ Lewerenz, C Heine, K Skorupska, N Szabo, T Hannappel, T Vo-Dinh, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (6), 748-760, 2010
New efficiency frontiers with wafer-bonded multi-junction solar cells
TND Tibbits, P Beutel, M Grave, C Karcher, E Oliva, G Siefer, A Wekkeli, ...
29th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 1-4, 2014
In situ reflection anisotropy spectroscopy analysis of heteroepitaxial GaP films grown on Si(100)
H Döscher, T Hannappel
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (12), 123523, 2010
In situ verification of single-domain III-V on Si(100) growth via metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
H Döscher, T Hannappel, B Kunert, A Beyer, K Volz, W Stolz
Applied Physics Letters 93 (17), 172110, 2008
Atomic surface structure of the phosphorous-terminated InP(001) grown by MOVPE
P Vogt, T Hannappel, S Visbeck, K Knorr, N Esser, W Richter
Physical Review B 60, R5117, 1999
RDS, LEED and STM of the P-rich and Ga-rich surfaces of GaP (1 0 0)
L Töben, T Hannappel, K Möller, HJ Crawack, C Pettenkofer, F Willig
Surface science 494 (1), L755-L760, 2001
The Ultrafast Temporal and Spectral Characterization of Electron Injection from Perylene Derivatives into ZnO and TiO2 Colloidal Films
JM Szarko, A Neubauer, A Bartelt, L Socaciu-Siebert, F Birkner, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (28), 10542-10552, 2008
GaP(001) and InP(001): Reflectance anisotropy and surface geometry
N Esser, WG Schmidt, J Bernholc, AM Frisch, P Vogt, M Zorn, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 17, 1691, 1999
Epitaxial III–V films and surfaces for photoelectrocatalysis
H Döscher, O Supplie, MM May, P Sippel, C Heine, AG Muñoz, ...
ChemPhysChem 13 (12), 2899-2909, 2012
Anomalous double-layer step formation on Si (100) in hydrogen process ambient
S Brückner, H Döscher, P Kleinschmidt, O Supplie, A Dobrich, ...
Physical Review B 86 (19), 195310, 2012
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