Breeanna Urbanowicz
Breeanna Urbanowicz
Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
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Complex pectin metabolism by gut bacteria reveals novel catalytic functions
D Ndeh, A Rogowski, A Cartmell, AS Luis, A Baslé, J Gray, I Venditto, ...
Nature 544 (7648), 65-70, 2017
Mixed Linkage (1→3),(1→4)‐β‐d‐Glucans of Grasses
MS Buckeridge, C Rayon, B Urbanowicz, MAS Tiné, NC Carpita
Cereal Chemistry 81 (1), 115-127, 2004
Cellulose microfibril crystallinity is reduced by mutating C-terminal transmembrane region residues CESA1A903V and CESA3T942I of cellulose synthase
DM Harris, K Corbin, T Wang, R Gutierrez, AL Bertolo, C Petti, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (11), 4098-4103, 2012
4-O-methylation of glucuronic acid in Arabidopsis glucuronoxylan is catalyzed by a domain of unknown function family 579 protein
BR Urbanowicz, MJ Peña, S Ratnaparkhe, U Avci, J Backe, HF Steet, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (35), 14253-14258, 2012
Overexpression of INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION activates cell separation in vestigial abscission zones in Arabidopsis
GE Stenvik, MA Butenko, BR Urbanowicz, JKC Rose, RB Aalen
The Plant Cell 18 (6), 1467-1476, 2006
Two Arabidopsis proteins synthesize acetylated xylan in vitro
BR Urbanowicz, MJ Peña, HA Moniz, KW Moremen, WS York
The Plant Journal 80 (2), 197-206, 2014
Structural organization and a standardized nomenclature for plant endo-1, 4-β-glucanases (cellulases) of glycosyl hydrolase family 9
BR Urbanowicz, AB Bennett, E del Campillo, C Catalá, T Hayashi, ...
Plant Physiology 144 (4), 1693-1696, 2007
Neural network analyses of infrared spectra for classifying cell wall architectures
MC McCann, M Defernez, BR Urbanowicz, JC Tewari, T Langewisch, ...
Plant Physiology 143 (3), 1314-1326, 2007
Plant glycosyl hydrolases and biofuels: a natural marriage
G Lopez-Casado, BR Urbanowicz, CMB Damasceno, JKC Rose
Current opinion in plant biology 11 (3), 329-337, 2008
A tomato endo-β-1, 4-glucanase, SlCel9C1, represents a distinct subclass with a new family of carbohydrate binding modules (CBM49)
BR Urbanowicz, C Catalá, D Irwin, DB Wilson, DR Ripoll, JKC Rose
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (16), 12066-12074, 2007
The ability of land plants to synthesize glucuronoxylans predates the evolution of tracheophytes
AR Kulkarni, MJ Peña, U Avci, K Mazumder, BR Urbanowicz, S Pattathil, ...
Glycobiology 22 (3), 439-451, 2012
Topology of the maize mixed linkage (1→ 3),(1→ 4)-β-D-glucan synthase at the Golgi membrane
BR Urbanowicz, C Rayon, NC Carpita
Plant physiology 134 (2), 758-768, 2004
The synthesis and origin of the pectic polysaccharide rhamnogalacturonan II–insights from nucleotide sugar formation and diversity
M Bar-Peled, BRAE Urbanowicz, MA O'Neill
Frontiers in plant science 3, 92, 2012
Methods for structural characterization of the products of cellulose-and xyloglucan-hydrolyzing enzymes
MJ Pena, ST Tuomivaara, BR Urbanowicz, MA O'Neill, WS York
Methods in enzymology 510, 121-139, 2012
Structural, mutagenic and in silico studies of xyloglucan fucosylation in Arabidopsis thaliana suggest a water‐mediated mechanism
BR Urbanowicz, VS Bharadwaj, M Alahuhta, MJ Pena, VV Lunin, ...
The Plant Journal 91 (6), 931-949, 2017
Designer biomass for next-generation biorefineries: leveraging recent insights into xylan structure and biosynthesis
PJ Smith, HT Wang, WS York, MJ Peña, BR Urbanowicz
Biotechnology for biofuels 10 (1), 1-14, 2017
Identification of an algal xylan synthase indicates that there is functional orthology between algal and plant cell wall biosynthesis
JK Jensen, M Busse‐Wicher, CP Poulsen, JU Fangel, PJ Smith, JY Yang, ...
New Phytologist 218 (3), 1049-1060, 2018
Association mapping, transcriptomics, and transient expression identify candidate genes mediating plant–pathogen interactions in a tree
W Muchero, KL Sondreli, JG Chen, BR Urbanowicz, J Zhang, V Singan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (45), 11573-11578, 2018
Loss of function of folylpolyglutamate synthetase 1 reduces lignin content and improves cell wall digestibility in Arabidopsis
AC Srivastava, F Chen, T Ray, S Pattathil, MJ Peña, U Avci, H Li, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 8 (1), 1-18, 2015
Automated glycan assembly of galactosylated xyloglucan oligosaccharides and their recognition by plant cell wall glycan-directed antibodies
P Dallabernardina, C Ruprecht, PJ Smith, MG Hahn, BR Urbanowicz, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 15 (47), 9996-10000, 2017
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