M.L. Sui
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An investigation of surface nanocrystallization mechanism in Fe induced by surface mechanical attrition treatment
NR Tao, ZB Wang, WP Tong, ML Sui, J Lu, K Lu
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E Ma, YM Wang, QH Lu, ML Sui, L Lu, K Lu
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Cs 2 AgBiBr 6 single-crystal X-ray detectors with a low detection limit
W Pan, H Wu, J Luo, Z Deng, C Ge, C Chen, X Jiang, WJ Yin, G Niu, ...
Nature Photonics 11 (11), 726, 2017
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YB Wang, BQ Li, ML Sui, SX Mao
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Ductile titanium alloy with low Poisson’s ratio
YL Hao, SJ Li, BB Sun, ML Sui, R Yang
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An explanation to the abnormal Hall-Petch relation in nanocrystalline materials
K Lu, ML Sui
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BQ Li, ML Sui, B Li, E Ma, SX Mao
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A robust and conductive black tin oxide nanostructure makes efficient lithium‐ion batteries possible
W Dong, J Xu, C Wang, Y Lu, X Liu, X Wang, X Yuan, Z Wang, T Lin, ...
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YB Wang, ML Sui, E Ma
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Grain refinement at the nanoscale via mechanical twinning and dislocation interaction in a nickel-based alloy
NR Tao, XL Wu, ML Sui, J Lu, K Lu
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Atomic-scale in situ observation of lattice dislocations passing through twin boundaries
YB Wang, ML Sui
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Superheating of Ag nanoparticles embedded in Ni matrix
J Zhong, LH Zhang, ZH Jin, ML Sui, K Lu
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Transmission electron microscopy study of stacking faults and their interaction with pyramidal dislocations in deformed Mg
B Li, PF Yan, ML Sui, E Ma
Acta Materialia 58 (1), 173-179, 2010
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