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Photosynthetic changes and protective mechanisms against oxidative damage subjected to isolated and combined drought and heat stresses in Jatropha curcas plants
EN Silva, SL Ferreira-Silva, A de Vasconcelos Fontenele, RV Ribeiro, ...
Journal of Plant Physiology 167 (14), 1157-1164, 2010
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Respostas biométricas e fisiológicas ao déficit hídrico em cana-de-açúcar em diferentes fases fenológicas
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Superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase improve the recovery of photosynthesis in sugarcane plants subjected to water deficit and low substrate temperature
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Plant pneumatics: stem air flow is related to embolism–new perspectives on methods in plant hydraulics
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Encapsulation of S-nitrosoglutathione into chitosan nanoparticles improves drought tolerance of sugarcane plants
NM Silveira, AB Seabra, FCC Marcos, MT Pelegrino, EC Machado, ...
Nitric Oxide 84, 38-44, 2019
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