Vincent Miele
Vincent Miele
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Statistical clustering of temporal networks through a dynamic stochastic block model
C Matias, V Miele
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology), 2017
Ultra-fast sequence clustering from similarity networks with SiLiX
V Miele, S Penel, L Duret
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How structured is the entangled bank? The surprisingly simple organization of multiplex ecological networks leads to increased persistence and resilience
S Kéfi, V Miele, EA Wieters, SA Navarrete, EL Berlow
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DNA physical properties determine nucleosome occupancy from yeast to fly
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M Ohlmann, V Miele, S Dray, L Chalmandrier, L O’Connor, W Thuiller
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V Miele, R Ramos‐Jiliberto, DP Vázquez
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Revisiting animal photo‐identification using deep metric learning and network analysis
V Miele, G Dussert, B Spataro, S Chamaillé-Jammes, D Allainé, ...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2021
Fruiting strategies of perennial plants: a resource budget model to couple mast seeding to pollination efficiency and resource allocation strategies
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Strategies for online inference of model-based clustering in large and growing networks
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Non-trophic interactions strengthen the diversity—functioning relationship in an ecological bioenergetic network model
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Nine quick tips for analyzing network data
V Miele, C Matias, S Robin, S Dray
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DNA physical properties and nucleosome positions are major determinants of HIV-1 integrase selectivity
M Naughtin, Z Haftek-Terreau, J Xavier, S Meyer, M Silvain, ...
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L Lima, B Sinaimeri, G Sacomoto, H Lopez-Maestre, C Marchet, V Miele, ...
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Revealing the hidden structure of dynamic ecological networks
V Miele, C Matias
Royal Society open science 4 (6), 170251, 2017
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