Jin Sung Kim
Jin Sung Kim
Yonsei Univ. Physics department
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Black phosphorus–zinc oxide nanomaterial heterojunction for p–n diode and junction field-effect transistor
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Low Power Consumption Complementary Inverters with n-MoS2 and p-WSe2 Dichalcogenide Nanosheets on Glass for Logic and Light-Emitting Diode Circuits
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Ultrasensitive PbS quantum-dot-sensitized InGaZnO hybrid photoinverter for near-infrared detection and imaging with high photogain
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Static and Dynamic Performance of Complementary Inverters Based on Nanosheet α-MoTe2 p-Channel and MoS2 n-Channel Transistors
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Metal Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor with MoS2/Conducting NiOx van der Waals Schottky Interface for Intrinsic High Mobility and Photo-Switching Speed
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small 11 (18), 2132-2138, 2015
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