Kleber Roberto Pirota
Kleber Roberto Pirota
Professor, Instituto de Física Gleb Wataghin, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)
E-mail confirmado em ifi.unicamp.br
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Giant magnetoimpedance: concepts and recent progress
M Knobel, KR Pirota
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M Vázquez, K Pirota, M Hernández-Vélez, VM Prida, D Navas, R Sanz, ...
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M Vázquez, M Hernández-Vélez, K Pirota, A Asenjo, D Navas, ...
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KR Pirota, EL Silva, D Zanchet, D Navas, M Vázquez, M Hernández-Vélez, ...
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The role of oxygen vacancies and their location in the magnetic properties of Ce 1− x Cu x O 2− δ nanorods
MIB Bernardi, A Mesquita, F Beron, KR Pirota, AO De Zevallos, ...
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Physical Review B 60 (9), 6685, 1999
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