Huila, M.F.G. (Manuel Fernando)
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Unraveling the Mysterious Role of Palladium in Feigl bis(dimethylglyoximate)nickel(II) Spot Tests by Means of Confocal Raman Microscopy
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Xerogel de pentóxido de vanádio: novas abordagens na caracterização e aplicações
MFG Huila
Instituto de Química, Universidade de São Paulo, 2013
Can in vivo surface dental enamel microbiopsies be used to measure remote lead exposure?(vol 25, pg 9322, 2018)
KP Kaneshiro Olympio, MF Gonzalez Huila, CA Baldini Cardoso, ...
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Uses of [Ru (C-ph-tpy) 2] 2+ as photosensibilizer in solar cells sensibilized by dye
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Transition of anatase-rutile phase in TiO 2 films induced by laser
MFG Huila, ALA Parussulo, K Araki, HE Toma
Structural and electrochemical investigation of nanocomposites of vanadium pentoxide with substituted iron terpyridine
MFG Huila, A Assumpcao, K Araki, HE Toma
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