Ana S. Viana
Ana S. Viana
Centro de Química Estrutural, Faculdade de Ciências Universidade de Lisboa
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N-Hydroxysuccinimide-terminated self-assembled monolayers on gold for biomolecules immobilisation
JF Cabrita, LM Abrantes, AS Viana
Electrochimica Acta 50 (10), 2117-2124, 2005
Immunization with mannosylated nanovaccines and inhibition of the immune-suppressing microenvironment sensitizes melanoma to immune checkpoint modulators
J Conniot, A Scomparin, C Peres, E Yeini, S Pozzi, AI Matos, R Kleiner, ...
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Rational design of nanoparticles towards targeting antigen-presenting cells and improved T cell priming
E Zupančič, C Curato, M Paisana, C Rodrigues, Z Porat, AS Viana, ...
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I Ferreira, E Fortunato, P Vilarinho, AS Viana, AR Ramos, E Alves, ...
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Electrochemical, spectroscopic and SPM evidence for the controlled formation of self-assembled monolayers and organised multilayers of ferrocenyl alkyl thiols on Au (111)
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Polyaniline films containing electrolessly precipitated palladium
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Potentiostatic and AFM morphological studies of Zn electrodeposition in the presence of surfactants
A Gomes, AS Viana, MI da Silva Pereira
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Antibody oriented immobilization on gold using the reaction between carbon disulfide and amine groups and its application in immunosensing
Y Niu, AI Matos, LM Abrantes, AS Viana, G Jin
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Exploiting the Therapeutic Potential of 8-β-d-Glucopyranosylgenistein: Synthesis, Antidiabetic Activity, and Molecular Interaction with Islet Amyloid Polypeptide and …
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Self-assembled monolayers of a disulphide-derivatised cobalt-porphyrin on gold
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Biomimetic membrane rafts stably supported on unmodified gold
JT Marquês, RFM de Almeida, AS Viana
Soft Matter 8 (6), 2007-2016, 2012
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