Carlos Macias-Romero
Carlos Macias-Romero
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Electrolytes induce long-range orientational order and free energy changes in the H-bond network of bulk water
Y Chen, HI Okur, N Gomopoulos, C Macias-Romero, PS Cremer, ...
Science advances 2 (4), e1501891, 2016
Optical imaging of surface chemistry and dynamics in confinement
C Macias-Romero, I Nahalka, HI Okur, S Roke
Science 357 (6353), 784-788, 2017
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N Mazumder, J Qiu, MR Foreman, CM Romero, CW Hu, HR Tsai, P Török, ...
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N Gomopoulos, C Lütgebaucks, Q Sun, C Macias-Romero, S Roke
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C Macias-Romero, MEP Didier, P Jourdain, P Marquet, P Magistretti, ...
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Characterization of the interface of binary mixed DOPC: DOPS liposomes in water: The impact of charge condensation
C Lütgebaucks, C Macias-Romero, S Roke
The Journal of chemical physics 146 (4), 2017
Eigenvalue calibration methods for polarimetry
C Macias-Romero, P Török
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Determination of the three-dimensional orientation of single molecules
MR Foreman, CM Romero, P Török
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Wide-field medium-repetition-rate multiphoton microscopy reduces photodamage of living cells
C Macias-Romero, V Zubkovs, S Wang, S Roke
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Probing rotational and translational diffusion of nanodoublers in living cells on microsecond time scales
C Macias-Romero, MEP Didier, V Zubkovs, L Delannoy, F Dutto, ...
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Revealing molecular structure and orientation with Stokes vector resolved second harmonic generation microscopy
N Mazumder, CW Hu, J Qiu, MR Foreman, CM Romero, P Török, FJ Kao
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Confocal polarization imaging in high-numerical-aperture space
C Macias-Romero, MR Foreman, PRT Munro, P Török
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Spatial and temporal variations in vector fields
C Macias-Romero, MR Foreman, P Török
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Synthesis of structured partially spatially coherent beams
C Macías-Romero, R Lim, MR Foreman, P Török
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Endogenous SHG and 2PEF coherence imaging of substructures in neurons in 3D
C Macias-Romero, C Teulon, M Didier, S Roke
Optics Express 27 (3), 2235-2247, 2019
Polarization–multiplexed encoding at nanometer scales
C Macias-Romero, PRT Munro, P Török
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Mapping of real-time morphological changes in the neuronal cytoskeleton with label-free wide-field second-harmonic imaging: a case study of nocodazole
MEP Didier, C Macias-Romero, C Teulon, P Jourdain, S Roke
Neurophotonics 6 (4), 045006-045006, 2019
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