Clément Nizak
Clément Nizak
CNRS - ESPCI - College de France
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Two DNA nanomachines map pH changes along intersecting endocytic pathways inside the same cell
S Modi, C Nizak, S Surana, S Halder, Y Krishnan
Nature nanotechnology 8 (6), 459, 2013
Rab6A and Rab6A′ GTPases play non‐overlapping roles in membrane trafficking
E Del Nery, S Miserey‐Lenkei, T Falguieres, C Nizak, L Johannes, ...
Traffic 7 (4), 394-407, 2006
Recombinant antibodies to the small GTPase Rab6 as conformation sensors
C Nizak, S Monier, E del Nery, S Moutel, B Goud, F Perez
Science 300 (5621), 984-987, 2003
From grazing resistance to pathogenesis: the coincidental evolution of virulence factors
S Adiba, C Nizak, M Van Baalen, E Denamur, F Depaulis
PloS one 5 (8), e11882, 2010
Rab1 defines a novel pathway connecting the pre-Golgi intermediate compartment with the cell periphery
R Sannerud, M Marie, C Nizak, HA Dale, K Pernet-Gallay, F Perez, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 17 (4), 1514-1526, 2006
Recombinant Antibodies Against Subcellular Fractions Used to Track Endogenous Golgi Protein Dynamics in Vivo
C Nizak, S Martin‐Lluesma, S Moutel, A Roux, TE Kreis, B Goud, F Perez
Traffic 4 (11), 739-753, 2003
CLIPR-59, a new trans-Golgi/TGN cytoplasmic linker protein belonging to the CLIP-170 family
F Perez, K Pernet-Gallay, C Nizak, HV Goodson, TE Kreis, B Goud
The Journal of cell biology 156 (4), 631-642, 2002
Single-cell deep phenotyping of IgG-secreting cells for high-resolution immune monitoring
K Eyer, RCL Doineau, CE Castrillon, L Briseño-Roa, V Menrath, G Mottet, ...
Nature biotechnology 35 (10), 977, 2017
A multi-Fc-species system for recombinant antibody production
S Moutel, A El Marjou, O Vielemeyer, C Nizak, P Benaroch, S Dübel, ...
BMC biotechnology 9 (1), 14, 2009
Laser microstructuration of three-dimensional enzyme reactors in microfluidic channels
M Iosin, T Scheul, C Nizak, O Stephan, S Astilean, P Baldeck
Microfluidics and nanofluidics 10 (3), 685-690, 2011
An evolutionarily significant unicellular strategy in response to starvation in Dictyostelium social amoebae
D Dubravcic, M Van Baalen, C Nizak
F1000Research 3, 2014
Recombinant antibody mediated delivery of organelle-specific DNA pH sensors along endocytic pathways
S Modi, S Halder, C Nizak, Y Krishnan
Nanoscale 6 (2), 1144-1152, 2014
Direct selection of monoclonal phosphospecific antibodies without prior phosphoamino acid mapping
O Vielemeyer, H Yuan, S Moutel, R Saint-Fort, D Tang, C Nizak, B Goud, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (31), 20791-20795, 2009
Characterization of single chain antibody targets through yeast two hybrid
O Vielemeyer, C Nizak, AJ Jimenez, A Echard, B Goud, J Camonis, ...
BMC biotechnology 10 (1), 59, 2010
Hierarchy and extremes in selections from pools of randomized proteins
S Boyer, D Biswas, AK Soshee, N Scaramozzino, C Nizak, O Rivoire
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (13), 3482-3487, 2016
General in vitro method to analyze the interactions of synthetic polymers with human antibody repertoires
A Soshee, S Zürcher, ND Spencer, A Halperin, C Nizak
Biomacromolecules 15 (1), 113-121, 2014
Exploitation of other social amoebae by Dictyostelium caveatum
C Nizak, RJ Fitzhenry, RH Kessin
PloS one 2 (2), e212, 2007
Selection and application of recombinant antibodies as sensors of rab protein conformation
C Nizak, S Moutel, B Goud, F Perez
Methods in enzymology 403, 135-153, 2005
Selection of arginine-rich anti-gold antibodies engineered for plasmonic colloid self-assembly
P Jain, A Soshee, SS Narayanan, J Sharma, C Girard, E Dujardin, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (26), 14502-14510, 2014
Golgi inheritance under a block of anterograde and retrograde traffic
C Nizak, R Sougrat, F Jollivet, A Rambourg, B Goud, F Perez
Traffic 5 (4), 284-299, 2004
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