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IL-6 and IL-10 anti-inflammatory activity links exercise to hypothalamic insulin and leptin sensitivity through IKKβ and ER stress inhibition
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Modulation of gut microbiota by antibiotics improves insulin signalling in high-fat fed mice
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Fractalkine (CX3CL1) is involved in the early activation of hypothalamic inflammation in experimental obesity
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Oral supplementation with L-glutamine alters gut microbiota of obese and overweight adults: A pilot study
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IKKε is key to induction of insulin resistance in the hypothalamus, and its inhibition reverses obesity
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Kinin B1 Receptor in Adipocytes Regulates Glucose Tolerance and Predisposition to Obesity
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Blocking iNOS and endoplasmic reticulum stress synergistically improves insulin resistance in mice
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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Diacerhein attenuates the inflammatory response and improves survival in a model of severe sepsis
KL Calisto, AC Camacho, FC Mittestainer, BM Carvalho, D Guadagnini, ...
Critical care 16 (4), 1-13, 2012
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