Timothy J. Pennycook
Timothy J. Pennycook
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Scalable production of large quantities of defect-free few-layer graphene by shear exfoliation in liquids
KR Paton, E Varrla, C Backes, RJ Smith, U Khan, A O’Neill, C Boland, ...
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Grain refining mechanism in the Al/Al–Ti–B system
Z Fan, Y Wang, Y Zhang, T Qin, XR Zhou, GE Thompson, T Pennycook, ...
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Smart Align—a new tool for robust non-rigid registration of scanning microscope data
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Grain-boundary-enhanced carrier collection in CdTe solar cells
C Li, Y Wu, J Poplawsky, TJ Pennycook, N Paudel, W Yin, SJ Haigh, ...
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Efficient phase contrast imaging in STEM using a pixelated detector. Part 1: Experimental demonstration at atomic resolution
TJ Pennycook, AR Lupini, H Yang, MF Murfitt, L Jones, PD Nellist
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Simultaneous atomic-resolution electron ptychography and Z-contrast imaging of light and heavy elements in complex nanostructures
H Yang, RN Rutte, L Jones, M Simson, R Sagawa, H Ryll, M Huth, ...
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Size and Purity Control of HPHT Nanodiamonds down to 1 nm
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Efficient phase contrast imaging in STEM using a pixelated detector. Part II: Optimisation of imaging conditions
H Yang, TJ Pennycook, PD Nellist
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Origin of colossal ionic conductivity in oxide multilayers: interface induced sublattice disorder
TJ Pennycook, MJ Beck, K Varga, M Varela, SJ Pennycook, ST Pantelides
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Dynamic fluctuations in ultrasmall nanocrystals induce white light emission
TJ Pennycook, JR McBride, SJ Rosenthal, SJ Pennycook, ST Pantelides
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Probe integrated scattering cross sections in the analysis of atomic resolution HAADF STEM images
KE MacArthur, TJ Pennycook, E Okunishi, AJ D'Alfonso, NR Lugg, ...
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Unraveling the 3D atomic structure of a suspended graphene/hBN van der Waals heterostructure
G Argentero, A Mittelberger, M Reza Ahmadpour Monazam, Y Cao, ...
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Single-atom spectroscopy of phosphorus dopants implanted into graphene
T Susi, TP Hardcastle, H Hofsäss, A Mittelberger, TJ Pennycook, ...
2D Materials 4 (2), 021013, 2017
Highly active metastable ruthenium nanoparticles for hydrogen production through the catalytic hydrolysis of ammonia borane
EK Abo‐Hamed, T Pennycook, Y Vaynzof, C Toprakcioglu, A Koutsioubas, ...
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Insights into the physical chemistry of materials from advances in HAADF-STEM
K Sohlberg, TJ Pennycook, W Zhou, SJ Pennycook
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (6), 3982-4006, 2015
A nano-disperse ferritin-core mimetic that efficiently corrects anemia without luminal iron redox activity
JJ Powell, SFA Bruggraber, N Faria, LK Poots, N Hondow, TJ Pennycook, ...
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 10 (7), 1529-1538, 2014
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