Maximiliano Manuel Maronna
Maximiliano Manuel Maronna
Visiting Professor / Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG, Brazil)
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Towards a phylogenetic classification of Leptothecata (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)
MM Maronna, TP Miranda, ÁL Peña Cantero, MS Barbeitos, AC Marques
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 18075, 2016
Unexpected phylogenetic positions of the genera< i> Rupirana</i> and< i> Crossodactylodes</i> reveal insights into the biogeography and reproductive evolution of leptodactylid …
A Fouquet, BL Blotto, MM Maronna, VK Verdade, FA Juncá, R Sá, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2013
Fast-evolving mitochondrial DNA in Ceriantharia: a reflection of Hexacorallia paraphyly?
SN Stampar, MM Maronna, MV Kitahara, JD Reimer, AC Morandini
PLoS One 9 (1), e86612, 2014
All non-indigenous species were introduced recently? The case study of Cassiopea (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) in Brazilian waters
AC Morandini, SN Stampar, MM Maronna, FLD Silveira
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 1-8, 2016
Evolutionary Diversification of Banded Tube-Dwelling Anemones (Cnidaria; Ceriantharia; Isarachnanthus) in the Atlantic Ocean
SN Stampar, MM Maronna, MJA Vermeij, FL Silveira, AC Morandini
PLoS One 7 (7), e41091, 2012
The importance of molecular characters when morphological variability hinders diagnosability: systematics of the moon jellyfish genus Aurelia (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa)
JW Lawley, E Gamero-Mora, MM Maronna, LM Chiaverano, SN Stampar, ...
PeerJ 9, e11954, 2021
Ceriantharia in current systematics: life cycles, morphology and genetics
SN Stampar, MM Maronna, MV Kitahara, JD Reimer, JS Beneti, ...
The Cnidaria, past, present and future: the world of medusa and her sisters …, 2016
An evolutionary comparative analysis of the medusozoan (Cnidaria) exoskeleton
ACM María A. Mendoza-Becerril, Maximiliano M. Maronna, Mírian L. A. F ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2016
Variability on microevolutionary and macroevolutionary scales: a review on patterns of morphological variation in Cnidaria Medusozoa
AF Cunha, MM Maronna, AC Marques
Organisms Diversity & Evolution, 2016
Succession of generations is still the general paradigm for scyphozoan life cycles
AC Morandini, A Schiariti, S Stampar, MM Maronna, I Straehler Pohl, ...
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, 2016
Putting GenBank Data on the Map
AC Marques, MM Maronna, AG Collins
Science Magazine 341 (6152), 1341, 2013
The puzzling occurrence of the upside-down jellyfish Cassiopea (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) along the Brazilian coast: a result of several invasion events?
SN Stampar, E Gamero-Mora, MM Maronna, JM Fritscher, BSP Oliveira, ...
Zoologia (curitiba) 37, e50834, 2020
A new species of Diadumene (Actiniaria: Diadumenidae) from the subtropical coast of Brazil
JS Beneti, SN Stampar, MM Maronna, AC Morandini, FL Silveira
Zootaxa 4021 (1), 156-168, 2015
Amphibian parasites of the Order Dermocystida (Ichthyosporea): current knowledge, taxonomic review and new records from Brazil
C Borteiro, JD Baldo, MM Maronna, D Pontes Baêta Da Costa, ...
Magnolia Press, 2018
Phylogeny and chromosomal diversification in the Dichroplus elongatus species group (Orthoptera, Melanoplinae)
ERD Castillo, A Taffarel, MM Maronna, MM Cigliano, ...
PLOS one 12 (2), e0172352, 2017
The state of Medusozoa genomics: current evidence and future challenges
MD Santander, MM Maronna, JF Ryan, SCS Andrade
GigaScience 11, giac036, 2022
Chromosome evolution and phylogeny in Ronderosia (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Melanoplinae): clues of survivors to the challenge of sympatry?
ERD Castillo, DA Martí, MM Maronna, MC Scattolini, DC Cabral‐de‐Mello, ...
Systematic Entomology 44 (1), 61-74, 2019
Ceriantharia (Cnidaria) of the World: an annotated catalogue and key to species
SN Stampar, JD Reimer, MM Maronna, CSS Lopes, H Ceriello, TB Santos, ...
ZooKeys 952, 1, 2020
Report of Mauve Stinger Pelagia cf. noctiluca (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) Bloom from Northeastern Arabian Sea (NEAS)
P Hari Praved, AC Morandini, MM Maronna, MN Suhaana, M Jima, ...
Thalassas: An International Journal of Marine Sciences 37 (2), 569-576, 2021
Towards a phylogenetic classification of Leptothecata (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa). Sci Rep 6: 18075
MM Maronna, TP Miranda, AL Peña Cantero, MS Barbeitos, AC Marques
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