Helena Soares
Helena Soares
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Hydrogen peroxide sensing, signaling and regulation of transcription factors
HS Marinho, C Real, L Cyrne, H Soares, F Antunes
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The Yeast Genome Directory
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Mob1: defining cell polarity for proper cell division
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Cilia distal domain: Diversity in evolutionarily conserved structures
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Translation termination and protein folding pathway genes are not correlated in gastric cancer
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A new cloning system based on the OprI lipoprotein for the production of recombinant bacterial cell wall-derived immunogenic formulations
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The Expression of Tubulin Cofactor A (TBCA) Is Regulated by a Noncoding Antisense Tbca RNA during Testis Maturation
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CCTα and CCTδ chaperonin subunits are essential and required for cilia assembly and maintenance in Tetrahymena
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The Tetrahymena chaperonin subunit CCTη gene is coexpressed with CCTγ gene during cilia biogenesis and cell sexual reproduction
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Microtubule behavior under strong electromagnetic fields
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Autoinhibition of TBCB regulates EB1-mediated microtubule dynamics
G Carranza, R Castaño, ML Fanarraga, JC Villegas, J Gonçalves, ...
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 70, 357-371, 2013
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