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Carlos Bas-Orth
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Neurotrophin-mediated dendrite-to-nucleus signaling revealed by microfluidic compartmentalization of dendrites
MS Cohen, CB Orth, HJ Kim, NL Jeon, SR Jaffrey
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (27), 11246-11251, 2011
Synaptopodin regulates denervation-induced homeostatic synaptic plasticity
A Vlachos, B Ikenberg, M Lenz, D Becker, K Reifenberg, C Bas-Orth, ...
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A role for synaptopodin and the spine apparatus in hippocampal synaptic plasticity
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Annals of Anatomy-Anatomischer Anzeiger 189 (1), 5-16, 2007
Impairment of in vivo theta‐burst long‐term potentiation and network excitability in the dentate gyrus of synaptopodin‐deficient mice lacking the spine apparatus and the …
P Jedlicka, SW Schwarzacher, R Winkels, F Kienzler, M Frotscher, ...
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Loss of the cisternal organelle in the axon initial segment of cortical neurons in synaptopodin‐deficient mice
C Bas Orth, C Schultz, CM Müller, M Frotscher, T Deller
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Lamina‐specific distribution of synaptopodin, an actin‐associated molecule essential for the spine apparatus, in identified principal cell dendrites of the mouse hippocampus
C Bas Orth, A Vlachos, D Del Turco, GJ Burbach, CA Haas, P Mundel, ...
Journal of Comparative Neurology 487 (3), 227-239, 2005
3D‐reconstruction and functional properties of GFP‐positive and GFP‐negative granule cells in the fascia dentata of the Thy1‐GFP mouse
M Vuksic, D Del Turco, C Bas Orth, GJ Burbach, G Feng, CM Müller, ...
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Synaptic activity drives a genomic program that promotes a neuronal Warburg effect
C Bas-Orth, YW Tan, D Lau, H Bading
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (13), 5183-5194, 2017
The nuclear calcium signaling target, activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3), protects against dendrotoxicity and facilitates the recovery of synaptic transmission after an …
H Ahlgren, C Bas-Orth, HE Freitag, A Hellwig, OP Ottersen, H Bading
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (14), 9970-9982, 2014
Plasticity of synaptopodin and the spine apparatus organelle in the rat fascia dentata following entorhinal cortex lesion
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Time‐lapse imaging of granule cells in mouse entorhino‐hippocampal slice cultures reveals changes in spine stability after entorhinal denervation
A Vlachos, CB Orth, G Schneider, T Deller
Journal of Comparative Neurology 520 (9), 1891-1902, 2012
Synaptic activity protects neurons against calcium-mediated oxidation and contraction of mitochondria during excitotoxicity
C Depp, C Bas-Orth, L Schroeder, A Hellwig, H Bading
Antioxidants & redox signaling 29 (12), 1109-1124, 2018
The calmodulin-binding transcription activator CAMTA1 is required for long-term memory formation in mice
C Bas-Orth, YW Tan, AMM Oliveira, CP Bengtson, H Bading
Learning & Memory 23 (6), 313-321, 2016
The divergence–convergence model of acquired neuroprotection
C Bas-Orth, H Bading
Mechanisms of development 130 (6-8), 396-401, 2013
The mitochondrial calcium uniporter is crucial for the generation of fast cortical network rhythms
C Bas-Orth, J Schneider, A Lewen, J McQueen, K Hasenpusch-Theil, ...
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Functional consequences of calcium-dependent synapse-to-nucleus communication: Focus on transcription-dependent metabolic plasticity
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Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 12 (4), a035287, 2020
Preclinical stress originates in the rat optic nerve head during development of autoimmune optic neuritis
A Stojic, J Bojcevski, SK Williams, C Bas‐Orth, S Nessler, C Linington, ...
Glia 67 (3), 512-524, 2019
A microRNA signature of toxic extrasynaptic N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor signaling
C Bas-Orth, M Koch, D Lau, B Buchthal, H Bading
Molecular Brain 13 (1), 1-10, 2020
Disrupted expression of mitochondrial NCLX sensitizes neuroglial networks to excitotoxic stimuli and renders synaptic activity toxic
AM Hagenston, J Yan, C Bas-Orth, Y Tan, I Sekler, H Bading
Journal of Biological Chemistry 298 (2), 2022
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