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Broadband waveguide quantum memory for entangled photons
E Saglamyurek, N Sinclair, J Jin, JA Slater, D Oblak, F Bussieres, ...
Nature 469 (7331), 512-515, 2011
Spectral multiplexing for scalable quantum photonics using an atomic frequency comb quantum memory and feed-forward control
N Sinclair, E Saglamyurek, H Mallahzadeh, JA Slater, M George, ...
Physical review letters 113 (5), 053603, 2014
Tripartite entanglement versus tripartite nonlocality in three-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-class states
S Ghose, N Sinclair, S Debnath, P Rungta, R Stock
Physical review letters 102 (25), 250404, 2009
An integrated processor for photonic quantum states using a broadband light–matter interface
E Saglamyurek, N Sinclair, JA Slater, K Heshami, D Oblak, W Tittel
New Journal of Physics 16 (6), 065019, 2014
Conditional detection of pure quantum states of light after storage in a Tm-doped waveguide
E Saglamyurek, N Sinclair, J Jin, JA Slater, D Oblak, F Bussieres, ...
Physical review letters 108 (8), 083602, 2012
Spectroscopic investigations of a Ti: Tm: LiNbO3 waveguide for photon-echo quantum memory
N Sinclair, E Saglamyurek, M George, R Ricken, C La Mela, W Sohler, ...
Journal of Luminescence 130 (9), 1586-1593, 2010
Measuring and analyzing excitation-induced decoherence in rare-earth-doped optical materials
CW Thiel, RM Macfarlane, Y Sun, T Böttger, N Sinclair, W Tittel, RL Cone
Laser Physics 24 (10), 106002, 2014
Properties of a rare-earth-ion-doped waveguide at sub-kelvin temperatures for quantum signal processing
N Sinclair, D Oblak, CW Thiel, RL Cone, W Tittel
Physical review letters 118 (10), 100504, 2017
Materials for Spectrally Multiplexed Quantum Memories
CW Thiel, N Sinclair, W Tittel, RL Cone
Physical review letters 113 (16), 160501, 2014
Entanglement between more than two hundred macroscopic atomic ensembles in a solid
P Zarkeshian, C Deshmukh, N Sinclair, SK Goyal, GH Aguilar, P Lefebvre, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-10, 2017
Proposal and proof-of-principle demonstration of non-destructive detection of photonic qubits using a Tm: LiNbO 3 waveguide
N Sinclair, K Heshami, C Deshmukh, D Oblak, C Simon, W Tittel
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-6, 2016
Two-photon interference of weak coherent laser pulses recalled from separate solid-state quantum memories
J Jin, JA Slater, E Saglamyurek, N Sinclair, M George, R Ricken, D Oblak, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-7, 2013
Controllable-dipole quantum memory
K Heshami, A Green, Y Han, A Rispe, E Saglamyurek, N Sinclair, W Tittel, ...
Physical Review A 86 (1), 013813, 2012
Multiqubit nonlocality in families of 3-and 4-qubit entangled states
S Ghose, S Debnath, N Sinclair, A Kabra, R Stock
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 43 (44), 445301, 2010
Memory-assisted quantum key distribution resilient against multiple-excitation effects
NL Piparo, N Sinclair, M Razavi
Quantum Science and Technology 3 (1), 014009, 2017
Quantum repeaters with individual rare-earth ions at telecommunication wavelengths
FK Asadi, N Lauk, S Wein, N Sinclair, C O’Brien, C Simon
Quantum 2, 93, 2018
Storage and Reemission of Heralded Telecommunication-Wavelength Photons Using a Crystal Waveguide
MF Askarani, T Lutz, VB Verma, MD Shaw, SW Nam, N Sinclair, D Oblak, ...
Physical Review Applied 11 (5), 054056, 2019
Telecom-band quantum optics with ytterbium atoms and silicon nanophotonics
JP Covey, A Sipahigil, S Szoke, N Sinclair, M Endres, O Painter
Physical Review Applied 11 (3), 034044, 2019
Optical decoherence studies of
CW Thiel, N Sinclair, W Tittel, RL Cone
Physical Review B 90 (21), 214301, 2014
A solid-state memory for multiplexed quantum states of light with read-out on demand
N Sinclair, E Saglamyurek, H Mallahzadeh, JA Slater, M George, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1309.3202, 2013
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