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Membrane scission by the ESCRT-III complex
T Wollert, C Wunder, J Lippincott-Schwartz, JH Hurley
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A hyperfused mitochondrial state achieved at G1–S regulates cyclin E buildup and entry into S phase
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Helicobacter pylori stimulates host cyclooxygenase‐2 gene transcription: critical importance of MEK/ERK‐dependent activation of USF1/‐2 and CREB transcription …
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Retrograde transport: two (or more) roads diverged in an endosomal tree?
L Johannes, C Wunder
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Glycosylation-dependent IFN-γR partitioning in lipid and actin nanodomains is critical for JAK activation
CM Blouin, Y Hamon, P Gonnord, C Boularan, J Kagan, CV de Lesegno, ...
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Membrane glucocorticoid receptors are down regulated by glucocorticoids in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and use a caveolin-1-independent expression pathway
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2D map projections for visualization and quantitative analysis of 3D fluorescence micrographs
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