Aday J. Molina-Mendoza
Aday J. Molina-Mendoza
Institute of Photonics. TU Wien
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Strong modulation of optical properties in black phosphorus through strain-engineered rippling
J Quereda, P San-Jose, V Parente, L Vaquero-Garzon, ...
Nano letters 16 (5), 2931-2937, 2016
Atomically thin p–n junctions based on two-dimensional materials
R Frisenda, AJ Molina-Mendoza, T Mueller, A Castellanos-Gomez, ...
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Ultrafast machine vision with 2D material neural network image sensors
L Mennel, J Symonowicz, S Wachter, DK Polyushkin, AJ Molina-Mendoza, ...
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Micro-reflectance and transmittance spectroscopy: a versatile and powerful tool to characterize 2D materials
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JO Island, AJ Molina-Mendoza, M Barawi, R Biele, E Flores, ...
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Thickness-Dependent Differential Reflectance Spectra of Monolayer and Few-Layer MoS2, MoSe2, WS2 and WSe2
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Franckeite as a naturally occurring van der Waals heterostructure
AJ Molina-Mendoza, E Giovanelli, WS Paz, MA Niño, JO Island, ...
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Centimeter-Scale Synthesis of Ultrathin Layered MoO3 by van der Waals Epitaxy
AJ Molina-Mendoza, JL Lado, JO Island, MA Niño, L Aballe, M Foerster, ...
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Electroluminescence from multi-particle exciton complexes in transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors
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Electronic Bandgap and Exciton Binding Energy of Layered Semiconductor TiS3
AJ Molina‐Mendoza, M Barawi, R Biele, E Flores, JR Ares, C Sánchez, ...
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Gate tunable photovoltaic effect in MoS 2 vertical p–n homostructures
SA Svatek, E Antolin, DY Lin, R Frisenda, C Reuter, AJ Molina-Mendoza, ...
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Highly responsive UV-photodetectors based on single electrospun TiO 2 nanofibres
AJ Molina-Mendoza, A Moya, R Frisenda, SA Svatek, P Gant, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (45), 10707-10714, 2016
Engineering the optoelectronic properties of MoS 2 photodetectors through reversible noncovalent functionalization
AJ Molina-Mendoza, L Vaquero-Garzon, S Leret, L de Juan-Fernández, ...
Chemical Communications 52 (100), 14365-14368, 2016
Characterization of highly crystalline lead iodide nanosheets prepared by room-temperature solution processing
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Nanotechnology 28 (45), 455703, 2017
High Current Density Electrical Breakdown of TiS3 Nanoribbon‐Based Field‐Effect Transistors
AJ Molina‐Mendoza, JO Island, WS Paz, JM Clamagirand, JR Ares, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (13), 1605647, 2017
Nanoscale Thermal Transport in 2D Nanostructures from Cryogenic to Room Temperature
C Evangeli, J Spiece, S Sangtarash, AJ Molina‐Mendoza, M Mucientes, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 5 (10), 1900331, 2019
Nonvolatile Programmable WSe2 Photodetector
AJ Molina‐Mendoza, M Paur, T Mueller
Advanced Optical Materials, 2020
Reliability of next-generation field-effect transistors with transition metal dichalcogenides
YY Illarionov, AJ Molina-Mendoza, M Waltl, T Knobloch, MM Furchi, ...
2018 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), 5A. 5-1-5A. 5-6, 2018
Note: Long-range scanning tunneling microscope for the study of nanostructures on insulating substrates
AJ Molina-Mendoza, JG Rodrigo, J Island, E Burzuri, G Rubio-Bollinger, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (2), 026105, 2014
Resonant photocurrent from a single quantum emitter in tungsten diselenide
M Paur, AJ Molina-Mendoza, D Polyushkin, SM de Vasconcellos, ...
2D Materials 7 (4), 045021, 2020
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